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Miss Andrews Math Group


For those children who normally work with Miss Andrews or Mrs Davies for maths, please click the link to access the year 4 page. Mrs Jeffrey will be recording videos to help complete the work, following on from where you were at school. Please click on the correct day of the week; tutorial videos, Power Math worksheets for that day and answer sheets will be available to work from. 

Miss Cobb math group


Children who usually work with Miss Cobb will be following the year 2 programme delivered by Mr Roberts. The internal link will take you to the Power Math sheets that are the next to be completed following on from those covered in school. 
Mr Roberts has created tutorial videos to help complete the sheets and answers to help check over work. Please click on the correct day and the work will be laid out in order. Any problems please let me know via the email link on the Year 6 remote learning home page and I will help clarify things through a phone call home if needed. 

English Thursday and Friday

Project Charles Darwin and his voyage on the HMS Beagle


This month's composer is Mozart. For this week's lesson listen to the music piece, read through the PowerPoint and have a think about how the music makes you feel or if you've maybe heard it anywhere before.