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Welcome to Reception!

This is our class webpage, which will keep you updated on what we will be covering in each topic and show you some photos of what the children have been up to at school. Follow the sub page links below to find these photos. 

I have also outlined some key information about the academic year of 21-22 below. 


Reception Class Staff 

Along with myself we are lucky to have Miss Smith and Miss Rossiter to support the Reception class.



In Reception, we will be having PE on Mondays and Thursdays. To try to limit the number of belongings being brought into school, we are asking that your child comes to school in their PE kit on these days. As this PE kit will be classed as their school uniform on these days, we ask that you ensure it is the school PE kit as briefed in your welcome pack; including black trainers or plimsoles. Children are permitted to wear small stud earrings; however, we ask that these are removed at home on PE days for safety.

During the winter months, we advise that your child wears long sports trousers or leggings. Please be aware that if your child does not come in their PE kit, then they may miss out on their session or you will be asked to return your child home to get dressed. PE will start on Thursday 9th September as we appreciate that this letter may not be read before then.



Please ensure that your child wears the correct uniform to school by following our uniform policy as detailed in this link: . 

Please send spare underwear and a spare set of clothes in with your child in their book bags just in case they may need to change. This will minimise the risk in lending clothes from school. As the children will have lockers this year, we advise against big bags and if possible, recommend just using the book bag where possible. Please also remember to bring a coat to school even if the weather looks fine in the morning as this can change throughout the day and we like to use the outdoor area as much as possible.




 Topic homework will be given at the start of every main topic, the first of which you have already had. This will be a creative project which will hopefully encourage you and your child to work together to create an individual piece of work, which they will be able to talk about in class. Details of these pieces of homework will be detailed on our class page of the website.

There is a booklet link at the bottom of this page to give you some ideas of how to support maths at home. 

Maths and phonics homework in the future will be in the form of pre-teach videos, which will be posted onto the website the week prior to the children learning the work. It is an effective way of introducing the children to the learning, whilst keeping you involved and showing you our method of teaching. It has proved effective in how quickly and confidently the children pick up the work in the week and impacts on their progress too. The maths and phonics pre-teach videos will be posted by every Friday and will only be short videos to show your children over the weekend.

Your child will also be receiving their reading book in a few weeks. We encourage you to read with your child a little every day and record this in their reading record diary. Their books will only be changed on Tuesdays and Fridays but please bring their book and reading record to school every day in their book bags. You will also receive a ‘reading for pleasure’ book, which your child chooses and is purely for them to enjoy by either looking at independently or you read to them. These will be changed fortnightly but again we recommend putting them in your child’s book bag every day.


Your child will also receive high frequency words in the future, which will be changed every Monday. A more detailed letter about these will be sent out with the words when you receive them.

We will be having show and tell every Friday but ask that pictures/videos of the item/event are sent through Tapestry rather than bringing into school. Your child will be able to show this to the rest of the class and talk about it. For the first term, it can be based upon anything of your child’s interests but from term 2, we ask that the item/event is topic related.



Don’t forget to check our school website for information on upcoming events and activities, useful websites to support their learning and photos and information on what fun and exciting things the children have been up to whilst learning. 


 If you need to contact me for any reason, please feel free to talk to me in the mornings or afternoon at the gate or by the contact form below. 


 I look forward to a very enjoyable year working with you and your child.


Yours sincerely


Miss Carter

Reception Class Teacher


Miss Carter