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Thursday 28th January 2021

Project (Communication & Language focus and Understanding Changes)

Now that you have made your smoothie, your grown up will have had a chat with you about how you made it and the changes that you saw.

  1. Your first challenge is to talk about how you made it using the words FIRST, THEN, NEXT, LAST. If you could record this and put it on Tapestry then we can hear you talk about it.
  2. Your second challenge is to talk about the changes. Adults, below are some questions that we would ask in class, so you may find these helpful. Feel free to add your own but just remember to focus on what changes are happening during the making process and any other scientific focus.
  • What did you do to the banana? 
  • What did you use?
  • How did the banana feel/ look/ smell once you had peeled it?
  • How did the strawberries feel/ look/ smell?
  • How did the yogurt look/ smell?
  • How did the milk look/ smell?
  • How did the honey look/ smell?
  • Do you know where we get honey from (before the supermarkets sell it)?
  • Which creature makes it? Do you know how?
  • When it was all blended together, how did it change?
  • Could you still see all the ingredients?
  • How did it taste? Did you like it?
  • If you made it again, what would you change?