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Autumn Term - Movers and Shakers

What makes a pioneer?


In this project, Year 2 will be sailing with Columbus as he voyages around the world on his travels; they will be launching into space with Neil Armstrong; standing up for woman's rights with Emmeline Pankhurst and fighting for equal rights with Rosa Parks as well as exploring significant individuals in the local area. They will create newspaper reports, biographies, posters and speeches based on their findings as well as creating timelines to show how explorers, activists and other significant others have changed the course of history over the years.



Our amazing term 2 homework!

19.10.2022 - Computing


The year 2 children had the pleasure today of working with our ICT specialist Mr Carlton to learn some new computing knowledge. The children used iPads to find images of transport used by great explorers, such as the Santa Maria, the Fram and Saturn V through this activity the children learnt that some information can be found online and some offline.

12.10.2022 - Science


A fantastic discussion today in year 2. To assess the children's prior understanding of humans being living things and a type of animal called a mammal that grows and changes and has senses and body parts with specific functions the children had to decide in pairs whether the facts were true or false. By the end of the discussion the children learnt lots of new knowledge including that humans are living things. They belong to an animal group called mammals. All humans have the same body parts that have specific functions. Humans have five senses: hearing, sight, smell, taste and touch. Humans are omnivores. There are six stages of human life: baby, toddler, child, teenager, adult and elderly person.

04.10.2022 - Maths


Lots of exciting maths activities happening in 2C today! The children were introduced to their new unit addition and subtraction, this unit builds on children’s knowledge of numbers to 100, and introduces them to addition and subtraction strategies with 2-digit numbers. 

30.09.2022 - DT


Today the children enquired some new knowledge they learnt some of the reasons we cook food, these include for safety reasons, to make food edible such as couscous and pulses and to give the food some flavour. The children took this knowledge and used it to observe what happens to 2 different types of food couscous and carrots. The children took Mondays skills to prepare some carrots and try them before cooking them and they also looked at and felt a variety of pulses before cooking them. After cooking them and the children then cut and tasted the cooked vegetables and pulses before discussing how they changed after cooking. 

26.09.2022 - DT


This week the children start another companion project Remarkable Recipes! This project teaches children about sources of food and tools used for food preparation. They also discover why some foods are cooked and learn to read a simple recipe. The children choose and make a new school meal that fulfils specific design criteria. 

To start the project the children learned how to read a simple Eton Mess recipe, they then used these skills to create it, but first the children used their knowledge of hygiene rules to wash hands before handling the food, clean the surfaces before preparing and tying any long hair back. I think this was their favourite lesson by the look of their faces!

21.09.22 - Art


Using their knowledge so far on primary and secondary colours, the children today became printmaking artists. They shaped and pressed objects into clay to make textures, patterns and imprints. They took their sticky knowledge of colours can be mixed indirectly, for example, printing over a red print block with a yellow print block will make an orange print block and creating pieces of art that even Wassily Kandinsky would be proud of! 

20.09.2022 - Art


This week the children start their companion project Mix it! This project teaches children about basic colour theory by studying the colour wheel and colour mixing. It includes an exploration of primary and secondary colours and how artists use colour in their artwork.

Today the children explored the colour wheel and how the colour wheel is a diagram that organises colours and shows their relationship. The children used their year one knowledge of primary colours to create secondary colours.



15.09.2022 - PSHE 


This afternoon, the children learnt about rights and responsibilities as a member of the class and of the school. The children worked in groups to decide what the word responsibility means and the different ways they can be responsible in class. By the end of the session the children gained some new knowledge such as that being responsible is part of growing up and that by being responsible in class means that school can be a safe and happy place to learn.

07.09.2022 - History 


This afternoon, the children learnt that categories for sorting significant people include explorers, activists, monarchs, scientists and artists. The children then used this knowledge to sort a number of significant historical people such as Henry VIII, Rosa Parks, Neil Armstrong, Vincent Van Gough and Mary Anning.

Launch Event and History


This afternoon, Year 2C launched their new project of Movers and Shakers by exploring the Dawson model, which determines if somebody is considered to be significant. The children also learned some 'sticky' knowledge that in history, the term significant individual describes a person who is great, important or worthy of attention and that historians use different sets of criteria to help them make judgements about significance.

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