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Good Morning


Daily Challenge: Find 5 blue objects in your house.


Maths  - We are looking at our final unit this week - Volume and capacity.


Watch the video and answer the questions from the sheet. You do not need to print this out, you can write it on paper.


English - This week we are writing a letter from a rat to Pestilence.


Have a look at today's video and list the features of a letter. 

Then, make a plan for your letter. What do you need to include? 


Tuesday English

Still image for this video

PE - We are still working on Orienteering this week. Create a treasure hunt in your house. Make a map of where you have hidden things and ask someone in your house to find them.


RE - Create a poster for what you have learnt this term about Buddhism. Think about the flag, the Dharma wheel and what it stands for.