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Daily Challenge: Create a menu, for the healthy meal you will make today. (Fruit Kebabs, chicken salad, fruit salad, spaghetti bolognaise).


8:45 - 9  - TTRS


9 - 10:10 Maths - Division with remainders

Have a look at the video. Today we will have numbers left over after we have completed the division questions. These are remainders. Work through the Power Maths work.





10:30 - Reading - Read your favourite comic or magazine.


11 - English - Today you are writing a journal as if you are Charles Darwin.


Have a look at the journals on the website. Use the vocabulary you looked at yesterday and the research questions you created on Monday to write a page of his journal. Watch the video below.


Darwin's journal.mp4

Still image for this video

12 - 1 Lunch


PSHE - What makes a healthy lifestyle? Think about exercise, what you eat and how to keep your mind healthy. Create a poster to help people stay healthy.


Music - Have a look at the PowerPoint to learn about the composer of the month.