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Family Support- how we can help

At Spilsby Primary we are committed to supporting children and families in all areas of their lives.


Mrs Clarke is available to provide advice and support to families to help them promote and support their children's welfare.  


We are committed to supporting our families within the community and can offer: 


  1. Access to food bank- through our New Life Centre and Christian Fellowship groups.
  2. Free breakfast bagels for all in the morning- through Magic Breakfast. 
  3. Uniform bank- through our New Life Centre and Christian Fellowship groups.
  4. Working in partnership with external agencies to ensure families receive the right support from the right agencies.   
  5. Accredited parenting programmes and adult leaning projects (where required). 
  6. Housing support through New Life Centre.   
  7. Safety and crime support- through contacts with Lincolnshire police. 
  8. Summer Holiday meals. 
  9. Well-being support for both children and parents.
  10. Support for our young carers- both identified and those not yet identified.  (If you feel this may be your child, please let us know) 
  11. Offer support through the Early Help agenda; which enables us to identify needs both at home and school. 


Please contact the office or email if you wish to speak to Mrs Clarke.  

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