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Outdoor Learning

The reception children went to our Natureland for an autumn walk to find some things that remind us of Autumn to add to our collection. This collection basket will be left outside the gate for children to add to if they find anything over the weekend

The Reception children have been fantastic in completing the 'random act of wildness' challenges during half term. We are now continuing them at school for 30 Days Wild. Today we closed our eyes and listened for wild sounds.

Year 5 and 6 began their new project ‘Beast Creator’ with a mini-beast hunt in the school grounds-to help develop scientific language and determine how to classify the creatures into specific groups.

Year 2 enjoyed roasting marshmallows on the fire and making s’mores this afternoon as part of their woodland party!

Reception B received a letter from the Bear family thanking us for looking after Edward & asking us to take him home to Natureland so they could all be reunited. ❤️

Year 2 had an excellent afternoon, using their #claymodelling skills and #naturalresources to create a #treeboggart

Some children from Reception B and C planted some trees today! Since the children from Science club had been learning about micro habitats earlier this week, a few of them came along with me to plant the trees (from the woodland trust) and thought about which animals would want to live in the trees. We also talked about how important the trees are to us, providing us with oxygen.

Science club took a walk down to the Natureland today to go on a bug hunt and look at the different kind if micrrohabitats. We have planned to go on another bug hunt in the spring to compare our findings.

Reception B found some eggs in the outdoor area. Who or what could they belong to?

Year 4 had an awesome time making MUD PIES today! We sourced all ingredients from the local area and followed instructions to create our masterpieces.

Year 3 had a very fun English lesson this morning following instructions to make mud pies!

Many hands make light work in year 3! Getting our fixing hands on to future-proof our outdoor area in nature land.

Year 3 loved having marshmallows around the fire pit this week! Some even helped tidy away the ashes afterwards!

Year 3 used the nature land area today to create their Bronze Age monuments. They looked at how they created shadows in the sunshine.

Year 5 have been on a hunt for possible magical portals in the school grounds.

Reception have been loving the weather this week using the opportunity to go on a #spring hunt. #flowers #sunshine #whatdidtheyfind

What an adventure Reception have been on. They received a letter from Edward bear's family asking us to leave him in Natureland. So we did! #goingonabearhunt 🐻🐻🐻

Den building, with parents, as part of our project launch!

Years 1 and 2 had great fun making tree boggarts in the woodland! #outdoorlearning

Reception have loved learning about sounds around them during their phonics sessions this week. We especially liked making sounds outdoors & drumming on different things to listen to the sounds they made!

'I just saw a real fairy' 🧚‍♀️ Today we ventured down to Natureland with Year 1 and look what we found, lots of doors and a secret tea party! We even think we might have woken the gruffalo...

Years 5 and 6 visited Spilsby allotment to experience how actual plots were grown and looked after.

Next stop...Planting seeds!

Year 5C have cleared a piece of land ready for their Allotment project. We are hoping to have this as a long term plan.

Year 1 went down to Natureland to set up their science experiment using simple equipment, we have put some meat and some fruit into different pots and are going to check back on Friday to see how many bugs have crawled into the pots!

A super outdoor lesson this afternoon using different materials to make a picture that is yet to be labelled with parts of the plant. Well done Y2! #outdoorlearning #natureland

Y2 trekked down to the 'jungle' to perform some wild poetry!

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Reception having fun outdoors, as always, deconstructing logs to see what they're made from & using their physical, thinking & teamwork skills to solve problems they encounter on the way #EYFS #outdoorlearning

Reviving Nature land after the winter break!