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Lesson 1 - Maths

10 minute starter 

Use the link below to practise you number bonds to 10: Number bonds - Up to 10 - Make 10.


Watch the video and complete the worksheets below. If you cannot print worksheets at home your child can complete the work in their red exercise book.

Subtraction - counting back

Still image for this video
If your child has been given the CGP Maths Workout Reception Level please follow the link below and complete session 2

Lesson 2 - Phonics

Please note which CGP Phonics book your child has been given and complete the corresponding work below.

Book 3

  • 'ch', pages, 30 - 31



Book 4

  • 'More Tricky Words', pages 30 - 31

Book 5

  • 'CVVCC' Words', pages 30 - 31

Lesson 3 - English

Today you are going to be finishing your autobiography. I would like you to write about at least 2 of the exciting events that happened to you in the past. Start with the one that happened the longest time ago. 

Remember to use your plan and make sure you use capital letters, full stops and finger spaces. Below is a picture of the sound card we have at school to help with spellings and a tricky word mat to help with your writing. 

Lesson 4 - History


Watch the video below for an explanation on today's lesson.

When you have watched the video, can you look at the link below and read about William's family. Then you can use the text or the picture to help you put William's family in the right order on the family tree.

Finally can you try and put your own family members on the blank family tree.

Family Tree Input

Still image for this video

Lesson 5 : SPAG

Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Targeted Question Book - 'Forming Sentences', pages 2 and 3 


Have a look at how we form sentences, remember a sentence is a group of wordsThese words need to be in the correct order so the sentence makes sense.