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At Spilsby Primary Academy, we use Power Maths as a basis for our Maths lessons.  This is an exciting class mastery approach, which has been recommended by the DfE, that works for every child.  it is based upon the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.    

Look at that for the most beautiful bar model! Using bar models for multiplication and division for the first time went so well, great work Y3!

So proud of the engagement with our school Maths Challenge this week for Maths Week England Well done to our winners, enjoy using your prize to practise even more!

Some excellent use of practical resources when counting money in maths this morning for Year 2!

Amazing peer support in Year 4 this week. Brilliant explanations and use of mathematical vocabulary. Super patience and resilience shown by all.

Complete resilience from all of Year 3 Maths group this morning, they've worked their socks off! After not understanding exchanging across zero when subtracting, I've been completely WOWED in today's extra lesson!

Year 6 used practical skills today to manipulate resources and embed their understanding of squared and cubed numbers

Year 5 are consolidating their knowledge of place value, rounding and Roman numerals.

Some nice hands on maths this morning in year 1/2

Good way to embed left and right in position and direction after the work was done in Maths? Cha cha slide!

Year 6 have been working with fractions in Maths. Here’s a brilliant example of how to multiply fractions and simplify the total.

Still image for this video

Today in Maths, Reception C made patterns using cubes. We then used the children to create a pattern by using the colours of their jumpers or T-shirts.

Rapid Recall times table fun for the ‘know-it-all’s’ this morning.

Reception have made fruit & vegetable rainbows using their cutting skills & made #patterns using biscuits ready for our rainbow party! We used our physical skills to cut the fruit and maths skills to make the patterns! We cannot wait until this afternoon!