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At Spilsby Primary Academy, we use Power Maths as a basis for our Maths lessons.  This is an exciting class mastery approach, which has been recommended by the DfE, that works for every child.  it is based upon the concrete, pictorial and abstract approach.    

Some amazing maths going on in Year 2 today. Using Base 10 to support the children's understanding of column addition and exchanging.

Year 2 were introduced to their new unit addition and subtraction, this unit builds on children’s knowledge of numbers to 100 and introduces them to addition and subtraction strategies with 2-digit numbers.

Love this lesson- Year 6 worked with cubes to investigate squared and cube numbers. Manipulating the resources helped the children recognise if the number was multiplied by itself once or twice and whether it would create a cube shape

Year 6 have helped embed their understanding of circles. Using paper plates, trial and error, they worked out the best method to find its circumference

Year 4 are loving their decimals consolidation lesson this morning. You can't beat a board game

A great first lesson of Position and Direction for Year 2. The children worked in pairs giving and following directions using correct terminology and then completed some sheets to consolidate their new knowledge!

Wow what a difference a practical math task makes to children’s understanding. Year 6 all moved onto mastery challenges in today’s lesson, after embedding their knowledge of parallelograms.

Year 2 used blue tac to count the vertices on 3D shapes. They extended their knowledge by counting the edges and faces too!

Practical Maths in Year3 this morning, our exploring lesson for our upcoming unit on length!

Year 2 started their new unit of properties of shapes in maths today. They named 2D and 3D shapes and described some of the properties of the shapes. They also looked at patterns made with shapes and drew some of their own too!

Year 2 began their length and height in maths today. They learnt how to measure using a ruler and then compared items to sort them into longest and shortest!

A great start in Year 2R for their statistics unit. Collecting data and thinking about how to present their findings!

Practical Maths in Y3 this morning, understanding how to use arrays for multiplication and division for the introduction to our next unit.

It’s a mastery kind of day in maths for year 6. Good concentration and listening to know what the ‘mean’ means.

Practical maths in Year 4 this morning to help us learn about symmetrical patterns

Year 6 working practically to understand how to find percentages of amounts and 100% totals. The cutting, moving and calculating helped embed the different methods

Year 6 have had a busy week exploring circles, learning vocabulary and using a compass correctly in their math lessons this week. #lifeskills

Spilsby Primary’s TTRS day winners for being absolute legends on Times Tables Rock Stars and earning the most coins for their rapid recall of multiplication facts. Reception were awesome problem solvers and solved a fishy problem! You Rock!!!

Keeping learning fun in year 6 as they keep building their times table knowledge skills and aim to beat their partners.

Year 6 began their new maths unit developing practical math skills using a protractor and recognising how angles in a triangle always equal 180•

To start out capacity unit, Year 3 made their own potions! They used different measuring cylinders to carefully measure out the amount needed and then checked it with an adult. Once they had included some of each ingredient, the children had to add together each of our amounts to find our total potion capacity.

What better way to understand the formula for finding the volume of a cuboid in Year 6 than using cubes to rearrange the lengths, widths and height.

Practical maths for year 6 today - helping to find a rule in Algebra.

Potion Class ready for today's little wizards and their Maths lesson for an introduction to our capacity unit.

Year 6 had a practical lesson to help understand the formulas used in finding area and perimeter.

Look at that for the most beautiful bar model! Using bar models for multiplication and division for the first time went so well, great work Y3!

So proud of the engagement with our school Maths Challenge this week for Maths Week England Well done to our winners, enjoy using your prize to practise even more!

Some excellent use of practical resources when counting money in maths this morning for Year 2!

Amazing peer support in Year 4 this week. Brilliant explanations and use of mathematical vocabulary. Super patience and resilience shown by all.

Complete resilience from all of Year 3 Maths group this morning, they've worked their socks off! After not understanding exchanging across zero when subtracting, I've been completely WOWED in today's extra lesson!

Year 6 used practical skills today to manipulate resources and embed their understanding of squared and cubed numbers

Year 5 are consolidating their knowledge of place value, rounding and Roman numerals.

Some nice hands on maths this morning in year 1/2

Good way to embed left and right in position and direction after the work was done in Maths? Cha cha slide!

Year 6 have been working with fractions in Maths. Here’s a brilliant example of how to multiply fractions and simplify the total.

Still image for this video

Today in Maths, Reception C made patterns using cubes. We then used the children to create a pattern by using the colours of their jumpers or T-shirts.

Rapid Recall times table fun for the ‘know-it-all’s’ this morning.

Reception have made fruit & vegetable rainbows using their cutting skills & made #patterns using biscuits ready for our rainbow party! We used our physical skills to cut the fruit and maths skills to make the patterns! We cannot wait until this afternoon!