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Y6 using 'stop motion' on the iPad's to show the circulatory system.

A great morning where the children used the Google Slides app to create a presentation on a subject of their choice!

Year 6 have chosen an aspect of WWII that they wanted to find out more about . They have then created a digital presentation to present to their peers this week.

Year 6 have been creating digital invitations to formally invite their parents to their end of project Wow Event. They looked at invitations from the period to ensure their writing was appropriate and followed an invitation structure

A super WeDo Lego lesson with Mr Carlton for year 3! They created and programmed a robot using the IPads.

Year 6 were challenged with making a moon buggy & to then make their own adaptations to allow for the different terrestrial surfaces they would encounter. #spacetravel #differentmaterials

One of my favourite lessons at school! Using #WeDoLego. They planned and created a sequence of instructions for a pulling robot to support their #MightyMetals project!

Year 3 used the laptops this afternoon to make some tables of data for the speed objects travelled down a slide in different materials! They use Excel software to successful complete their task.