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Daily Challenge: Tidy your bedroom - make sure you put everything away AND make your bed. Dust everything. Clean the windows. Put your clothes away. Hoover.


8:45 - 9 TTRS


9 - 10 - Maths


Today we are using the division skills we learnt last week to solve problems. Some of you may find this a little bit trickier so read the questions carefully. Watch the video and pause to answer the questions.

10:30 - 11 -Reading  -Read to someone at home.


11 - 12 English


This week we are writing a Diary entry about the Galapagos Islands. Today you need to find out all about them so you can write your diary as if you were there.

Research the Galápagos Islands.

  • Find out where in the world they are located
  • What the climatic conditions are like
  • Which animals live on each island.
  • Any other information you can find.
  • Have a look at pictures and David Attenborough’s BBC series, Galápagos? It is a great source of information and includes fantastic footage of the Islands’ animals, including cormorants, tortoises, marine iguanas, sea lions, dragonflies, albatrosses and the blue-footed booby.




Choose an animal found on the Galápagos Islands, such as the marine iguana, blue-footed booby, giant tortoise, Galápagos penguin, frigatebird or lava lizard. Consider what features show that the animal has adapted and evolved to suit its environment. Write a short report or presentation to explain their thoughts and ideas.




Complete pages 6 and 7 of your handwriting book.