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Week Beginning 9/11/2020

Week Beginning 9/11/2020





Today we are looking at tables in maths and answering questions based on the tables. Please complete pages 72 + 73 in your maths workbook.



This week for English we are creating a non-chronological report on a minibeast. Choose which minibeast you are going to write about and research this minibeast. Collect facts about their habitat, their diet, life span, appearance and any other information you can find.



Today we are looking at the homes of minibeasts. Have a look on the internet and use what you already know to compare where different minibeasts live.




10 minute workout book - pg 2 and 3

Mental workout page 1



Today we are learning about modal verbs. Modal verbs show possibility.

Have a look at the powerpoint and complete pages 6 and 7 in your Grammar book.



This week we are looking at silent letters. Complete page 90 in your Grammar book.



In RE this week we are looking at the festival of Holi. During Holi, people are covered in different coloured paint to make everyone equal. What do you think colours could represent? How do they show equality?


Handwriting  - Page 2




Pg 70 and 71

Today we are looking at line graphs and how to collect data from them. Work through pages 70 and 71. Remember to calculate the numbers and use a ruler if you need to draw any lines.



Today we are creating a draft of our non-chronological report. Use the research you collected on Monday and create a report. Don't forget to include headings, sub-headings ad diagrams. You should try to include interesting vocabulary and a variety of sentence openers.



Use the Joe Wicks link to take part in a PE lesson.





Maths - We are continuing to look at statistics. 

Complete the work on tables and timetables in your book (pg 72 and 73).

Remember on the timetables that it can be in the 24 hour clock. To find a time in the afternoon, you add 12 to the hours numbers.

60 mins - 1 hour



Today we are editing and improving our non-chronological reports.

Use the work you have done so far. 

How could you improve it? Edit in blue pen.

Have you used modal verbs?

Have you used bullet points?

Have you included commas for a list?

Have you use a variety of sentence starters?

Does it make sense?

Have you used capital letters for proper nouns?



Today we are looking at minibeasts across the world.

Chose 3 countries from different continents and find out what sort of minibeasts live there. Could you use a world map to show this?





Workout 2 - 10 minute weekly workout

Exercise 2  - mental workout

Pages 6 - 9 - Maths workbook (this should be a recap of what we have already learnt).



Reading Comprehension - The word party



Drop Everything and read - 20 mins quiet reading

Golden Time

What have you done well this week?

What have you enjoyed?