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Daily Challenge: Play hide and seek!


8:45 - 9:15 - TTRS


9:15 - 10:15 - Maths - Fractions

10:30 - 11 - Read to someone in your house.


11 - 12 - English


Plan your report. What will it be about? How have humans changed? What will each paragraph be about? Who could you quote? Have a look at my example plan below then create your own. Think about what year 5 features you could use. Below, there are some templates to help you plan if you need them.


Headline – Texting Thumbs by 3016

By line – by Miss Campling

Pictures – someone texting with a caption, long thumbs

Introductions – 5Ws – What – longer thumbs

                                                When  - 3016

                                                Where – Earth

                                                Who – All Humans

                                                Why – Evolution

Parenthesis, modal verb, fronted adverbial.


Paragraph 1 – Theory of Evolution – Charles Darwin discovered evolution in the 1800s. Showed how things had changed over time. Continually evolving. Quote – adaptable.

Relative clause, year 5 spellings – explanation, variety, existence


Paragraph 2 – Scientist theories about how we are evolving now. Longer thumbs to text. How technology has changed what we need. Quote from a scientist.

Fronted adverbial, parenthesis


Concluding paragraph – Recap what has been said. Ask for public opinion.







Arithmetic – Complete exercise 7 in your mental workout book. Don’t forget to show your working and check your answers.


Complete Spring Term: Workout 5 in your 10 minute- weekly workout book. Don’t worry about the angles question.


PE – JB Sports video AND Joe Wicks