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At Spilsby Primary we believe in the power of Music. We understand that it can help us to be happier and more creative, to express ourselves and work as part of a team. We know that it can make us feel more confident, take pride in what we do and improve our self-esteem.


Our aim is to provide a music curriculum which will enable each child to reach their full potential in music, encouraging children to enjoy singing, listening, composing and performing, and providing all children with a variety of opportunities to take part in musical experiences both in school and further afield.

Music is a hugely important part of school life at Spilsby Primary.  We offer a large range of opportunities to our children, including:


  • Whole school singing every day in assembly (including a special singing assembly led by Mrs Jeffery every Tuesday).
  • Weekly class music lessons taught by specialist music teacher, Mrs Jeffery
  • Choir - every Tuesday after school, which is open to all pupils in Years 3-6, meets to sing a range of songs.  We perform at a range of events throughout the year, including carol concerts in Spilsby and beyond, the Spilsby Schools Music Festival and Young Voices.
  • Instrumental Tuition - We are extremely lucky at Spilsby Primary to offer lessons in Guitar, Drums, Brass and Keyboard.  We have visiting teachers who come into school. Let Mrs Jeffery know if you are interested in taking up a musical instrument.  We are currently recruiting new Guitar pupils for Mr Newby so do get in touch if you are interested in starting guitar lessons.

Spilsby Primary is proud to be recognised for our commitment to high-quality music education.

A term full of musical experiences for Y3 & Y4! Junk model instruments, steel pans, samba drumming with Lincolnshire Music Service, cello, boomwhackers, science of sound & disco dome bouncy castle at our WOW event.

Mrs Jeffery loved playing the cello for Y3&4 and teaching them about string instruments for our 'Playlist' project. So many questions and such enthusiasm. Some budding future cellists, perhaps

Year 3 listened to examples of singing from around the world. Then, they located the origin country on an atlas. A really interesting afternoon...but none of us can yodel!

Year 4 absolutely loving their weekly samba sessions with Mr Egerton from Lincolnshire Music Service. They are developing their teamwork skills, whilst working on advanced rhythms which will lead to a finished performance in a few weeks time.

Year 4 loved their first whole class samba drumming lesson with Mr Egerton from Lincs Music Service today. We're going to look forward to Tuesdays!

Year 4 really enjoyed their introduction to musical notation, stone age-style today. Beat and rhythm, crotchets and quavers. Superb work.

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Year 5 have had an amazing time this morning at the Music For Youth Primary Prom at Lincoln Theatre Royal watching amazing young performers from the county.

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Reception have been learning about musical conductors and tried out being conductors themselves. They chose their own instruments to make a band and then were put in colour groups. The conductors then did a brilliant job of showing them when to play using colour cards.

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Year 6 have been enjoying composing their own pieces of tribal music based on the music of the ancient Maya. Listen to the way this piece builds up the layers and intensity as it goes along. Great work, Year 6!

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Year 5 had a brilliant time investigating the structure of a piece of mariachi music day and creating a graphic score of it. We now know about ternary form (ABA) and can talk about structure, texture and pitch (some of the interrelated dimensions of music) and how they all link in this piece of music.

Learning about dynamics in Year 1 today. What great conductors and super playing!

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Year 1 and 2 have had great fun recognising sound sources this afternoon in Music with a game of 'What's the Sound?'🎶

An absolutely amazing day with our choir at Sheffield Arena for the Young Voices concert. There is simply nothing like the magical experience of 5000 children singing and dancing joyously together.

Great fun in Year 6 this afternoon learning the Mexican Hat Dance!

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Festive composition in Reception this afternoon.

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A fabulous final session of whole class brass for Year 4 with Mr Egerton today. It was so lovely to play to an audience of parents to showcase what they have been learning since September. They have made such a lot of progress and should be really proud of themselves. If any of the children would like brass lessons with Mr Egerton starting after Christmas, please see Mrs Jeffery or Miss Weaver.

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Year 4 whole class brass lesson this afternoon with the brilliant Mr Egerton from Lincolnshire Music Service. We're making progress every week. Here we are playing Hot Cross Buns.

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Today we had the amazing Trio Volant to do a workshop for the whole school. We love giving our children the opportunity to see professional musicians perform. Thanks to @LICMFmusic for organising

How lucky were we this week we had the amazing Trio Volant in school to run a workshop for the whole school. Here they are playing the #PiratesoftheCaribbean theme. Always fabulous to give the children the opportunity to listen to professional musicians live in school. #livemusic #musicalschool

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A super start to the Year 4 whole-class brass lessons today. We learned how to put our instruments together and how to make a sound.

An amazing morning with Y6 at the Embassy Theatre in Skegness for the BBC Ten Pieces concert with the BBC Concert Orchestra,

Another amazing night at the Spilsby Schools Music Festival- mad even more special as it celebrates 70 years. Well done to all of the schools and children who took part and our very own s Jeffery for conducting!