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Log in to TTRS using your login from your reading record and work on this for around 15 minutes. Also, remember to read a book or something you enjoy for at least 10 minutes.



Please look at the learning on the Y6 page, under the title 'Miss Andrews group'. Once you have worked through this, please complete page 6 of your mental workout CGP book. Remember to send your work to the email address for it to be checked. 


If you have a Y1/Y3 version of books, please visit the Year 1/3 page to see what to complete for Maths today.



Last week you read and sequenced the Romulus and Remus myth. Today, I would like you to continue writing using the strips from Friday. Remember to use exciting vocabulary and think carefully about your spelling and sentence structure. Once you have done this, read through your work and edit and improve where you can. Take your time.



If you have a ball that bounces, you could practise your dribbling skills in the garden. If not, use the link below to complete a Joe Wicks workout for kids and a yoga session.