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Lesson 1 - Maths 

Starter activity 

Practise your 10 times tables on Times Tables Rock Stars. Remember I can see who has logged on and how long for!

The worksheets for todays lesson have been provided in your child's pack and you can find the answers below.

Comparing additions and subtractions

Still image for this video
If your child has been given the White Rose Maths activity sheets they need to watch the video below and complete the corresponding sheets in their maths pack.

Lesson 2 - Phonics


Lesson 3 - Dance Workshop


For world book day this year, West End in Schools have offered some live lessons to schools to bring books to life. A TEAMs meeting link was sent to everyone about this on Monday - if you need the link again please let us know.  The workshop will be starting at 10:00am until 10:50am.

Lesson 4 - English

Today I would like you to start writing your diary entry. Please complete the date, the phrase that starts a diary and write about what happened before your lesson. Please remember to use the sound cards and tricky word mat in the front of your project book.

Lesson 5 - History

Today you are going to be travelling back in time to find out what life was like in the Victorian era. Watch the Victorian era video below and be transported back in time, when you have watched the video you are going to record some of the important facts and information you have learnt from the video.

Use the Victorian era mind map below to record your facts or you can write straight into your books, the 6 key areas I would like some facts about are: rich Victorians, the Industrial Revolution, inventions, monarchy, leisure and poor Victorians. Can you write one or two facts about each area. For example for the Industrial Revolution you could write - new factories where built or they produce cotton and steel.



The Victorian era