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Week Beginning 16/11/2020




We are having a review lesson today.  Please complete the pages on rounding and roman numerals -  10,11 and 15.



We are writing instructions this week. Look at the example below to find the features of instructions. Create a list in your book. 

Can you find a set of instructions in your house? 

Think about cooking or making.



Today we are creating bug hotels. Have a look online to see what they look like. Find anything in the garden to create a bug hotel or create a drawing of a bug hotel and label what would be in it. Can you email a picture of this to school?




In Maths today we are looking at multiples. Multiples are in the times table.


For example

Multiples of 3 are : 3, 6, 9, 12, 15 ...

Multiples of 10 are : 10, 20, 30, 40...


Complete page 18 in your maths book.




Fronted adverbials can be used to link paragraphs. We can use all sort of different adverbs. You have looked at fronted adverbials before so this should be a recap. pg28, 29



Page 3 of the handwriting book



It has been Diwali this week. What can you find out about Diwali? What is it a festival of? Which religion celebrates Diwali? How do they celebrate? Create a fact file.




Today we are looking at factors.

Factors are whole numbers that multiply together.


Factor pairs of 12 would be

1 and 12 because 1 x 12 = 12

2 and 6 because 2 x 6 = 12

3 and 4 because 3 x 4 = 12


Have a look at this video to help. 


Complete pages 19 and 20 in your maths book. You do not need to complete the questions that mention prime numbers.




In English today we are writing instructions based on how to make a bug hotel. Have a look at the work you did on Monday and create a set of instructions.


You need to include:

  • A title
  • What you will need list (including bullet points)
  • Method - this should be numbered
  • Imperative verbs - bossy verbs that tell you what to do
  • Time conjunctions - first, next, after that, then, finally.



Use the Joe Wicks link from the main remote learning page to join in a PE lesson.




Today we are looking at prime numbers.

A prime number only has factors of 1 and itself.


Complete pages 19 and 20 from yesterday and complete the questions on prime numbers.



Today we are creating adverts to advertise our bug hotels to minibeasts. You can do this as a poster or a TV advert.


Think about why a bug hotel might be good? What persuasive language can you use? What would convince a minibeast to stay in your hotel?



Today we are looking at food chains. Food chains show how animals are eaten by other animals.

Use the bbcbitesize website to improve your knowledge of food chains. Can you draw one of your own?





Complete the next page in your mental workout book and the 10 minute maths book.



Reading Comprehension - Read and complete an Astronaut's guide to Earth.

Think carefully about the questions and how you can answer them with evidence from the text.



Drop Everything and Read - 20 mins of reading to yourself

What have you done well this week?

What did you enjoy?

Golden Time