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Almost all of our pupils use the Internet at home and we know that, as parents, it can be difficult to allow children the freedom to develop as responsible individuals while protecting them from the perils and pitfalls of the Internet. Increasingly, even at primary school age, younger people are conducting their social life online so parents need to provide guidance to make sure that their children behave safely and responsibly. Please help your children by following these key recommendations:


  • Talk regularly with your children about their use of technology and how they communicate with people online

  • Keep computers and other web-enabled devices in family rooms


Online safety click here for the CEOP's website and also look at


The UK Safer Internet Centre offers e-safety tips, advice and resources on how to keep children safe online: 


The NSPCC also have an online safety pack which can be found at: 


The NSPCC and O2 have also worked together to provide an up to date and simple guide for parents to the most popular social networks, apps and games.  


The website link is: 


Young people and adults too can also be at risk online.  Here are some websites that can help to protect anyone online: 

Children are taught about Online Safety throughout their time at the school. However, it is an area that benefits greatly from additional input and reinforcement at home. We strongly recommend that parents subscribe to and read Alan Mackenzie’s regular newsletters for parents:


Of course, there is also the number one best-selling book PENGUINPIG book, written by Stuart Spendlow.  It aims to deliver a strong message about Online Safety to children between the ages of 3-7. Stuart has also written advice for the Child Protection Company which can be accessed here:


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Spilsby Primary Academy has an active Online Safety committee, with wide representation from within the school, who have overall responsibility for online safety.  


Mr A Clarke (Headteacher)

Miss J Campling (Class Teacher)

Miss S Ambridge (Teaching Assistant)

Mrs Penny Cragg (Designated Safeguarding Lead)

Ms Mel Standbrook (Safeguarding Trustee) 

Mr D Bruce (Local Youth Pastor and Trustee)

Mrs M Clark (Parent and LAB member)

Mrs G Kedzior (Parent and LAB member)

Mr M Aicken (Parent and LAB member)

Roxanne, Hugh and Summer (Junior Online Safety Officers)



We have been made aware of a new feature on the Snap Chat application called ‘Snap Map’. Whilst children should not have an account until the age of 13, experience tells us this is sometimes not the case and may therefore be important that you are aware of the hazards it may create. It may also be useful information for those of you who have the Snap Chat application on your devices. Please see the attached document for more details.

Our fabulous Mini Police team have been sharing their internet messages about how to stay safe online for Safer Internet Day 2019. #Ourinternetourchoice give children the power #pupilvoice & they all used the right hashtags on their posters!

Google Internet Safety Workshop


Key Stage 2 were lucky to have representatives from Google in school to deliver a workshop on internet safety- Internet Legends.

The children joined in with the interactive workshop and learnt how to stay safe online. 

Internet Safety Guidelines

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We have the fabulous Barmpot Theatre doing Penguin Pig today. A phenomenal workshop showing digital resilience to our Rec and KS1 children.

Following their 'Penguin Pig'' workshop, our Y2 children sang the song to remind us about internet safety!

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Following our e-safety workshops, some children in Y4 decided to make their own posters. See if you can spot them around school...

Online Safety Workshop - Part two

On the 29th June we held 2 structured identical parent sessions and 2 sessions with the children split into two groups (Yrs 1,2,3 and Yrs 4,5,6) on online safety. As a school we are aware our children are using applications that perhaps they shouldn't be on but instead of banning them which would be fruitless the sessions were based on "how to keep our children safe online" and also to provide the parents and children with the tools and information they require. All sessions included an element of applications knowledge and the dangers, videos from CEOP "lee & Kim" & "Jigsaw", feedback from the yr 5,6 workshop and conversations around Online Family Agreements which the children all thought they would like to see in their own homes. The feedback from the children and parents was brilliant "eye opening" "all parents should attend" "huge wake up call" and "very informative" . Thank you to all who took part in our day including the yr 5's and 6's who kickstarted the events without their honesty we couldn't of tailored it as well as we managed to. 

Online Safety Workshop - Part one

Years 5 and 6 took part in an honest online tabletop exercise on the 16th June, 2017 to kickstart our latest series of online workshops within school , all pupils worked together with Pc Standbrook and their class teachers to discuss their knowledge and the dangers surrounding the use of social media & the internet along with the expectations of their peers. They looked at subjects such as Online family agreements, online bullying, social media use, privacy settings, our individual online responsibility and the permanence of the internet. This workshop has given us the right amount of information to implement the safety measures needed to be discussed in our further upcoming workshops on the 29th June, 2017 for both parents and children across all key stages.