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Begin by completing the SPaG starter for your year group below:
Next, watch the first lesson input video below:
Now, watch the second input video below:

Finally, watch the video below which shows the eruption of Vesuvius from a viewpoint in Pompeii.  Watch it all the way through once and then use it to create a timeline on the attached sheet (or in your exercise book if you cannot print).  On your timeline, we would like to see words and phrases to show not only what was happening but that describe the mood, feelings and atmosphere at the different times. 

(I have chosen this video because it creates the atmosphere of the events in Pompeii brilliantly.  Please be aware that the animated video is quite realistic so it may be best to watch with your child if they are sensitive.  If you would rather they did not watch it, they can complete the task using my second input video).