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Hello Reception! Please note the changes in the learning from 1st June as stated in the previous letter sent out. Each week a document will be uploaded with a timetable full of links for the weekly lessons. If you click on the link, it will take you straight to the lesson for that day. If there are any problems, please feel free to contact me on the email address in the document, please note I will be able to respond to emails sooner than your child's usual class teacher as I am working from home. As always, please continue to utilise the Oxford Owl website for online reading scheme books.

Miss Tuplin 

Communication and language lessons

As you are aware, the online learning has been changed to follow the National Oak Academy remote learning. However, to ensure that the reception children continue to see a familiar face regularly, Miss Carter and Mrs Bremner will add a communication and language lesson onto this page every Friday afternoon. We hope that you enjoy them and we are looking forward to seeing your work uploaded onto Tapestry. 

Please find a range of fun and educational activities to do with your child during the school closure.


Personal Social & Emotional Development/ Physical Development/ Health & Self care

  • Visit the website for mindfulness and yoga episodes to keep your mind and body healthy.
  • Make a Fruit Salad face and talk about the importance of a healthy balanced diet. Give it a name and write about it.
  • Pack a balanced superhero lunchbox and have a carpet picnic.




  • We have sent home a few reading books for your child. (Please help us and ensure these are kept safe and returned to school once we reopen).

Please talk about the book your child has and encourage using the pictures, predicting what will happen next and sounding out the words.

  • Read words around the house, on packets etc.
  • Visit and search ‘ebooks’ to access lots of books online with linked activities on the inside back cover. In school we also discuss the children’s favourite part of the book and the children draw a picture about their favourite part.

(This website is free at the moment, just go to and follow the instructions)



(this website is free at the moment with the Username: march20 and Password: home)

  • Visit the website and visit the Alphablocks section where you will find lots of interactive games to play.
  • Tricky words Jenga: Write Reception tricky words on paper or card and place face down. Take turns in turning over a card and it you get it right you take a Jenga block out of the stack.
  • Tricky word Splat: Write Reception tricky words on paper or card and place face up. Take turns in splatting a word you think you know with a fly swat. If you get it right you can flip the card over.
  • Draw a picture and write a word to go with it including the sound buttons. Extend by writing a caption or even a sentence about the picture.



  • Write a set of instructions for making a healthy superhero smoothie, washing hands 😊, biscuits, riding a bike etc using pictures, words or sentences. Remember to work at the ability of your child.
  • Write clues for an Easter Egg hunt.
  • Make an Easter card and write the greeting inside.



  • Weigh out ingredients for making fairy cakes etc
  • Visit the website and visit the Numberblocks section where you will find lots of interactive games to play.
  • Practise number formation to 20. You can use crayons, pens, pencils etc or even write in sand, flour (if you can spare it!), slime etc.


Understanding the World (Science, Computing and People & Communities)

  • A bug hunt in the garden
  • Making a bug hotel
  • Planting bulbs and seeds
  • Making a mud pie
  • Cooking and baking- talking about changes that happen
  • Visit for a fantastic range of outdoor activities to do with your child.


Expressive Arts and Design

  • Make an Easter card
  • Paint and draw superhero pictures
  • Make a superhero mask and cape from paper and ribbon
  • Visit the website and scroll down to the bottom to find a list of ’30 Doable At Home Activities’ which are hands-on and creative.


Home Learning Project:

Our class topic for this term is WE ARE LEGENDS and we would love it if you could put together a project to show us what you have learnt using pictures and words/ sentences. You could present your project as a piece of drawing/writing, ART (including models), poster etc or a real mix of a few different ways.

Our class topic for next term is RECEPTION’S WILD ADVENTURES. Please click on the document at the bottom of the page for information about it or visit Reception’s Class Page on the school website to find out and complete the next Home Learning Project to do with your child.


Wonderful Websites:

Below is a list of education companies offering free subscriptions due to school closures. All you need to do is visit the site, follow the instructions and sign up.

There is a further list on the school’s website where you can click the link to access each sites page.


We know your days will not always be able to facilitate learning and lots of it but we hope what we have provided will help keep your children engaged and help your stress levels (NOT add to them) by keeping them busy. You are of course more than welcome to set your own home learning projects/ activities and these might include:

  • Drawing pictures of favourite TV characters
  • Drawing and writing about their favourite game
  • Drawing a picture diary/ writing a daily diary
  • Reading a listening to a wide variety of books



We would love to see all the fantastic learning your child is doing at home so please upload as much as you can to our Tapestry online journals so you can share your children’s accomplishments with us.


Class teacher email: for Reception B or for Reception C.

If you have any questions or queries regarding your child’s learning and/or would like any further advice or support, please email me during school hours. I will endeavour to answer emails within 24hrs.


Above all else, we as a community must stay safe, support one another and strive to come through what is a period of uncertainty for all, as smoothly as possible. We look forward to seeing everyone back in school again soon.

Reception's Wild Adventures Home Learning Project

Home Learning Pack

PE Resources

Reception's Wild Adventures Medium Term Plan