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English WC 6.7.21

Letter to Pestilence


For this week's English you will be responding to Pestilence's letter. Pestilence has thanked you (the rats) for helping spread the plague across the world.

First session- please read through the example letter from Pestilence and write down what features you can see: using the structure/layout, grammar, punctuation grid we use in class. 

Second session- look at the response from the rats, how does the formality differ? What writing features can you identify in their response. Plan and draft your response, aiming to include historical content to support your paragraphs.

Third session- edit and redraft your letter. Check your features grid to see if you have added in a range of features and language. Check your spellings and punctuation. Publish a letter to Pestilence using your neatest handwriting. 

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