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Autumn Term 1 - Bright Lights, Big City!

Would you rather go to London or Rio de Janeiro? Why?


In the Bright Lights, Big City project, your child will take part in a royal garden party and learn about Queen Elizabeth II. They will learn about the countries that make up the United Kingdom, including their location, capital cities and some of their physical and human features. They will have the opportunity to do map work, using compasses and positional and directional language to plan routes around London. They will research the cause and impact of the Great Fire of London and look at some famous London landmarks. They will learn about other capital cities around the world, including Kuala Lumpur, and compare how they are similar and different to London.


The children will also take part on the companion project of ‘Taxi’, which is a design and technology project and will teach the children about wheels, axles and chassis and how they work together to make a vehicle move.

13/10/2021 - Computing


Today the children used the iPads to observe and explore outcomes when buttons are pressed in sequences on the Bee Bot app, the children also identified and debugged a simple algorithm.

11/10/2021 - Design and technology


This week the children started their companion project ‘Taxi’, which is a design and technology project and will teach the children about wheels, axles and chassis and how they work together to make a vehicle move. The children will build up new knowledge and skills throughout the week and then part of their 'WOW' day will use this knowledge to build their own taxi using recycled items. 


Today the children learnt the skill of using wheels and axles to make a simple moving model. The children used different construction materials and looked at the different methods of attaching axles and wheels. The children also learnt the correct terminology for each part of their model. 

8/10/2021 - DEAR


As part of our ethos at Spilsby Primary and to promote a love of reading, the children have a time to drop everything and read. The children get to choose their favourite book and share with their friends, this time supports the children in becoming  lifelong readers.

27/09/2021 - English


Today, the children in Year 1C have been learning how to write narrative based on the story of Marley the Meerkat on his journey around London. The children used their prior knowledge of making simple pictorial records to produce a story map of their very own story. Then the children read out aloud, to each other their stories.

21/09/21 - Geography


Today the children have been using their knowledge of basic human and physical features to identify geographical features and famous landmarks on an aerial photographs. 

14/09/21 - Geography


Today the children have been using their knowledge to identify the similarities and differences between London and Kuala Lumpur. We used the I pads to locate Kuala Lumpur and discussed its location compared to London. We then watch a video about Kuala Lumpur to gain some valuable knowledge to help us compare the similarities and differences.

Our Royal Garden Party


To really immerse the children in their learning and to celebrate Queen Elizabeth's II long and magnificent reign, we decided to throw a special royal garden party. The children enjoyed lots of activities linked to the queen and then ended the morning with the garden party which included a special royal cupcake.