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A busy afternoon in Year 1 creating pictures of The Great Fire of London. The children used chalk to help draw and share their ideas and imagination.

Great art techniques on show by Y5 and 6 today. Using clay to create a 3-D sculpture of the heart showing the different arteries, veins and chambers.

Year 3 have shown great #artanddesign knowledge over the last two days to create a #GreekGod inspired #laurelwreath and #weapon but will #Zeus deem them to be worthy enough to enter #MountOlympus ?

A very messy afternoon in Art as Year 3 have started their sculpting of Greek Gods and Goddesses! They have used mudroc to create the sculpture, they will paint them over the course of the week!

After spending the day researching Zeus, we sculpted clay model heads of the King of the Gods. ⚡

Reception C received a letter from Jack Frost asking for the children to help solve a problem. Santa’s sleigh had broken down so they needed to design a new way for him to deliver the presents. The children chose from either Lego, drawing or junk modelling to create their plan. The children came up with some great ideas!

Another great afternoon of art work for year 6: using different materials to create their own Blitzkrieg scene.

A fantastic afternoon in Year 3! They had to create their own 3D sculptures of fruit and vegetables; either real life food or an imaginary one. They started by designing their creations in their book and then moved on to using play dough to create their final masterpiece.

A few examples of the artwork from Year 5 this afternoon. They used chalk and black paper to create some designs based on the Blitz in World War 2

Year 4 designed, made and painted clay models of an imaginary fruit this week! We used them this afternoon to begin writing our nonsense poetry.

Year 4 had a great time designing and creating an imaginary fruit for Art this afternoon! We are preparing to paint them exotic colours.

Reception B and C worked together to use their handprints to make a poppy for Remembrance Day.

Year 5 have worked so hard this week with their remembrance art and DT project. They sketched their designs and then transferred them to black paper. They then used a craft knife to cut out their pattern. Finally they cut pieces of tissue paper to the correct size and stuck them to the back of the design to create the finished poppy-themed stained glass windows. It required real patience and precision and the children have excelled themselves.

Year 6 are creating their Remembrance Day artwork: combining different materials to create textural effect.

Year 5 used the characteristics of abstract artist Peter Thorpe to inspire their own space-themed pictures. they discussed and used a range of different elements in their work such as light, shape, colour and pattern.

Year 2 had a go at ink marbling for Muck, Mess and Mixtures! They thought carefully about the colours and the different textures and tones when they are mixed together.

Year 1 have been exploring the work of Giuseppe Arcimboldo. They used similar ideas (fruits and vegetables) to create their own human portraits, paying particular attention to facial features.

Year 3 finished their Mighty Metals project by creating some pieces of art. They improved their art techniques by using paint and materials.

Reception have one more sleep until their Rainbow Party! Today our chefs decorated cakes to make them #rainbow party worthy. We talked about colour changes & shades & then decorated to our hearts content! We can't wait!

Reception have been creating their own self portraits. We looked at our similarities and differences. We chose the colours for our eyes, hair and skin carefully and cut the wool to match the length of our hair. 💗💗💗 #perfect

Year 6 are using different art techniques to create their own galaxies. The children worked extremely hard to improve their mastery of art techniques.

Mr Roberts had a lovely afternoon in Year 5 where they created a piece of art using chalk to show the different moon phases! Afterwards they discussed the different methods and approaches they used to create the desired affect.

How amazing to see all of our children's artwork at Spilsby Light Night. An awesome project that many turned out to see, community engagement at it's finest. Well done to everyone involved.

KS2's first workshop with artist William Lindley is underway at St James' Church. They are preparing their work for the inaugural Spilsby Light Night on March 8th and 9th.

KS1's contribution to Light Night. They really enjoyed cutting out the stars and sticking them to the jars to make them look like a sky.