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Log in to TTRS using your login from your reading record and work on this for around 15 minutes. 



Using your previous 2 weeks of multiplication and division learning, please complete page 22 of the Maths Targeted Question book. Remember, you could use items in your house as a resource e.g. pieces of pasta, peas, lego bricks or you could draw an array to help. Don't forget, the more practise of arrays, the better as these will be helpful to use in future tests! Please also complete Workout 1 of your 10 minute weekly workouts book.


If you have a Y1 version of books, please visit the Year 1 page to see what to complete for Maths today.



After reading Page 1 of your handwriting booklet carefully, please take your time to complete pages 2, 3 and 4 using your pencil that was provided. Remember to keep your letters the same size to those in the example. 


If you have a Year 1 handwriting book, please complete pages 6 and 7 and remember to take your time. 



If you have a ball that bounces, you could practise your dribbling skills in the garden. If not, use the link below to complete a Joe Wicks workout for kids and a yoga session.