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Lesson 1 - Maths

10 minute starter

Use the link below to play the subtraction game.


Watch the video and complete the worksheets below. If you cannot print worksheets at home your child can complete the work in their red exercise book.


Subtraction - breaking apart (2)

If your child has been given the CGP Maths Workout Reception Level please follow the link below and complete session 4

Lesson 2 - English

This week we are learning how to write an autobiography. An autobiography is a text written about one's own life. Does your parent / carer have any autobiographies at home? They are often written by celebrities or famous athletes. Read William's autobiography below and then watch the video - you will need different coloured pens/pencils to complete this activity.

Features of an autobiography

Still image for this video

Lesson 3 - Phonics

Please note which CGP Phonics book your child has been given and complete the corresponding work below.

Book 3

  • 'Practising Sentences', pages 24 - 25


Book 4

  • 'ur', pages 24 - 25 - see the video below 



Book 5

  • 'Reading Tricky Words 3', pages 24 - 25

Lesson 4 - Music

Today I would like you to learn the song Wiggle Jiggle.
Can you get your brothers, sisters, parents or carers to join in with you. It’s a great way to end the day and get the positive vibes going.


Watch the teaching video or listen to it few times and join in as you pick
it up. Follow all of the instructions including ‘give yourself a shake to feel awake’ and ‘feet flat
on the floor, reach your hands up to the sky, and making sure your facial expressions (BIG
face, little face) are as exaggerated as possible!



Lesson 5 - RE

This half term we are going to be learning about a person called Muhammad. Muhammad lived in a place called Mecca which is a country called Saudi Arabia, he lived there over 1400 years ago.


Today we are going to learn about Saudi Arabia and how it is different to the United Kingdom which is where we live.

Can you have a look at the map below and see if you can spot the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia ( a little clue, we are a very small island in blue). Then can you use the blank world map and colour in the United Kingdom and Saudi Arabia.


When you have found the 2 countries, take a look at the PowerPoint it shows you lots of different photos of Saudi Arabia. Does it look the same as where you live?


What I would like you to do is create a fact page or a poster all about Saudi Arabia, you can draw some pictures and label them or you can write me some simple sentences.

Think about how Saudi Arabia is different to the United Kingdom, do we have deserts? Or do we travel by camel?