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W.B. Monday 16th November 2020



Lesson 1 - Complete pages 50-51 in the Green CGP Targeted Maths study book. We looked at counting money on Thursday and Friday last week. Please make use of the sheet below to help you with recognising coins.

Lesson 2  - English


Last week, we made some woodland crowns and this week we are going to be writing a set of instructions on how to make them. First I would like you to look at the document attached below and note down all of the imperative (bossy) verbs. These usually come at the start of the sentence and tell the person what to do. Then, think about:


Were the instructions easy to follow?

What helped with knowing the order to complete them in?

What else was on the instruction page so you knew what to do/collect?

Lesson 3 - Phonics - Complete pages 2-5 in the Phonics Targeted Practice book.


Lesson 4 - Project - Remind yourself of the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. Can you name any? Can you see any from your house?


Then, I would like you to either collect a mixture of leaves from your garden and put them into an order showing how a leaf decomposes once it has fallen off a tree.




Use the internet to find out about leaves decomposing and draw your own chart to show the difference in leaves as they begin to break down and become smaller and change in appearance.



Lesson 1 - Times Table Rockstars. Use your login and spend 15minutes on TTRockstars following the link below.


Lesson 2 - Maths:


CGP Maths Targeted Study and Question Book (Green): Complete pages 2 - 5.


CGP Mental Workout: Complete Page 1, Exercise 1.


Lesson 3 - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling:


CGP Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling Targeted Question Book: Complete page 10.


Lesson 4 - English:


CGP Comprehension Book: Complete page 2.


Lesson 5 - Handwriting:


CGP Handwriting Targeted Practice: Complete page 2.