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The curriculum at Spilsby Primary Academy is aimed to inspire and excite pupils through the Cornerstones curriculum which is broad and balanced, knowledge and skills rich and provides a clear pedagogy. 


Curriculum Intent 

At Spilsby Primary Academy, our curriculum is a curriculum for all. We pride ourselves on knowing our pupils, their families and the wider community and have therefore worked together to create a curriculum that focuses on providing opportunities that aren’t always available to all of our pupils, develops key strengths and builds skills for their next phase of learning and prepares our children well to be well-rounded and informed citizens of the future.


The Importance of Reading - INTENT
“The best readers are the best writers – we read as writers and write as readers!”
Stephen King

At Spilsby Primary Academy, we place reading at the heart of our curriculum.

Our aim is to provide our children with the opportunities to become fluent and confident lifelong readers, who enjoy reading and who see the purpose in reading, valuing it as the key to success.


Our aspiration for each of our children is based upon the need for them to enter the world of work as articulate and literate individuals with a strong love of reading. We strive to give pupils a stimulating environment, where high-quality reading materials are at the heart of our learning and presented in an attractive and inviting way.


What is the Cornerstones Curriculum?

The Cornerstones Curriculum is a broad and balanced, knowledge-rich curriculum.  Its content is delivered through a range of subject-specific projects, which last either a full or half term.  Subject specific projects cover art and design, design and technology, geography, history and science.  It is based on a comprehensive skills and knowledge progression framework is expertly interconnected and can be fully adapted to meet the needs of our school.  


Inspiring Projects

The projects are designed to inspire.  Covering all aspects of the National Curriculum content and much more, the diverse projects foster a love of learning and make it truly purposeful. 


Connectivity and Sequencing

Our curriculum is carefully sequenced to support learning over time.  From global concepts that thread through each project, to lesson by lesson skills and knowledge linking, this carefully crafted sequencing and connectivity gives Cornerstones unrivalled depth, progression and coherence across the curriculum.


Coverage and Progression 

The curriculum is underpinned by a comprehensive skills and knowledge framework that builds upon national curriculum programmes of study.  The framework provides clear subject endpoints, including key concepts, aspects, knowledge and skills, to support teaching and help children make great progress. 

If you would like more information about the Cornerstones curriculum, follow the link:

Maths- we use Power Maths as a basis for our maths lessons.

Phonics- our academy uses the Little Wandle Letters and Sounds Revised programme


Reading- we use Collins Big Cat Phonics for Letters and Sounds books.  These are fully decodable reading books, aligned to our phonics scheme, which ensures all pupils progress from decoding words to reading fluently and for pleasure.

PE- our curriculum is supported by JB Sports Coaching, who work alongside our staff to provide high quality specialist P.E lessons.


RE- we teach RE in accordance with the Cornerstones curriculum.


MUSIC- we follow the Music Express schemes of work

PSHE/RSE- Spilsby Primary is a member of the PSHE Association and follow the JIGSAW schemes of work and guidance for a whole-school approach.  For information on our RSE policy please access via our Policies and Performance Data page.