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Monday 1st February 2021


Lesson 1: Times Table Rockstars - Please spend 15minutes on this to work on your times tables.

Lesson 2: Maths  (1 hour) - Miss Baine's group please refer to the Year 1 remote learning page for your work.


Mr Roberts' group please attempt the questions which you should already have in front of you. I have attached them underneath but these have had to be screenshot onto the document so may be a different size to the ones used in the answer video.

Lesson 3: Phonics (30mins) - Now that we have come to the end of the CGP books for phonics, lessons will now be delivered as pre-recorded videos. Please follow the link which will take you to the Year 1 page where all of the phonics lessons have been prepared. I have emailed everyone to say what group children are in but please email if you are still unsure.
Lesson 4: English (1 hour) - Please watch the video for full instructions on the tasks in today's lesson.

Lesson 5: R.E (40mins) -

1) Look at the Losar altar picture card below, then think about what you can see.

2) Sculpt tormas (butter sculptures) using clay/play dough and a sheep’s head out of modelling clay - if you do not have access to modelling clay or play dough then please design a sculpture on a piece of paper. There are some example pictures below to help you.
3) Think about answer to the following questions when you have made or designed a sculpture:

 - Why do you think Tibetan Buddhists create a special shrine at Losar?

 - Why is a shrine special to Buddhists?

 - What do the items represent?

Note: Buddhists offer gifts to put on the shrine to show they are grateful for Buddha’s teaching and to practise giving. Many Buddhists believe that being generous is merit-making, which means they will gain good karma so their next life will be a good one.

Sculpture Examples

Lesson 6: Music (40mins) - Have a look at the document below to explore the song Mrs Jeffery has selected for you this week.