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Daily Challenge: Bake a cake.


8:45 – 9:15 – TTRS


9:15 – 10:00 – Maths – Decimals

10:15 – 11 English

Use the checklist for your Haiku. Check the work you have done and edit and improve your Haiku. If you think you have included everything, use a thesaurus to improve your vocabulary. I expect to see the improved version.

11 – 12 – PE PE with Joe Wicks and a 30 minute circuit – sit ups, burpees, wall sits, squats, shuttle runs.




RE Use chopsticks or 2 pencils to pick up small pieces of food (raisins, pasta etc). You need to pick up 50.


What does is feel like to be a slave? Is it fair?

Watch the first 11 minutes of this video about the plagues. Why do you think Moses wanted to free the slaves?

2-3pm World Book Day Teams Activity