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Week Beginning 7/12/2020

Hello Year 5,


You have worked so hard at home! We can't wait to see you all back at school on Wednesday and it has been amazing to see all of your work coming in and seeing your challenges being completed. We have 2 more days working from home and then we will be back (ready for the fun bits at the end of term).


Don't forget to keep emailing us


See you soon

Miss Campling and Miss Cobb


Today's challenge is to hoover the whole house. I know some of you know how to use the hoover and that is amazing but you still need to join in. Have fun!!!!


TT Rock Stars




Today we are looking at area. Area is the size of the inside of a shape. It is measured in squares so we use the squared sign 2. 

If you calculate the area of a rectangle or square, you multiply the long side by the short side - ONLY 2 SIDES

2cm x 6cm = 12cm2


Have a look at the video below and complete pages 50 and 51 of your maths book.



Still image for this video

Reading - Read a book of your choice for 30 mins.




Today you are writing the dilemma and resolution of your narrative.


What to include in your dilemma: - 

  • What goes wrong?
  • Fronted adverbial
  • Short and long sentences
  • Check that your sentences make sense
  • Dialogue - this has to be between 2 characters. Remember new speaker, new line. Inverted commas go around the parts that are being said. You need a capital letter and punctuation inside the inverted commas - DO NOT LET THE SHEEP ESCAPE! (You know what I mean.)


The cobweb was beautiful. It glistened like stars in the sky. Something dreadful happened. I was stuck. All alone. Above my head, I could hear legs climbing down the cobweb towards me. I was so happy someone was coming to help me. " I'm so glad you're here. I've got my new wings caught in this web," I said to the spider.

"Help you! I've come for my lunch." she replied. "It was so nice of you to drop by."

" You don't mean... You're not going to... Please don't eat me!" I begged.

I could feel my body getting tighter as the spider danced around me. How was I going to get out of this?


What to include in your resolution?

  • Year 5 words - marvellous, physical, variety, ancient
  • Modal verb
  • Relative clause


I could feel the fear flooding my body. I could hear the flapping of wings. This had to be the last day of my life. As a caterpillar, I was taught that birds eat us and now I had a spider and a bird coming towards me. The bird, that looked as big as a plane, flew closer; it had its feet out ready to land. All of a sudden, the bird opened its beak ready to eat me. Snap! I was still alive. What had happened? Where was the spider? Had this bird saved me from he spider? Was I next? Snap! I was free. Not only had the bird eaten the spider, but it had cut the web so I could move again.




This term we have been learning about the Hindu celebration, Holi. Create a poster explaining what you have learned. Think about the colours and what they represent.



Today's challenge is to make a Christmas gift. This needs to be suitable for anyone in our class. We will put them all together and give them out as a secret Santa gift at the end of term. It doesn't need to cost money. It is the thought and effort that counts. These need to be in school by Friday so they can be in quarantine before we give them out.


TT Rock Stars



Today we are looking at comparing area. To do this we need to calculate area and compare between shapes. Have a look at the video and answer the questions in your exercise book.


Still image for this video

Reading - Read for 30 mins. If you can, read with someone else in your family. 



Today we are writing the ending of our story.

What type of ending it yours? Is it a cliff hanger? Does it have a second dilemma? Is it a portal story? Is it a happy ending?


You MUST include your English target in this final paragraph.

What other year 5 features can you use?


I took my opportunity to fly away. I stretch my wings and flew out of the cobweb (I won't be going to look at any more webs). Gently, I glided through the marvellous sky and went in search of a safe place. I could see some beautiful white butterflies bouncing between the most beautiful flowers I had ever seen. Safety in number - I descended through the air to settle on a blue flower. I would stay here for now.



Use the Joe Wicks website to have your own PE lesson.


See you all tomorrow!!! 




Maths - In school we are having a review lesson. Have another look at what you have done last week and complete one mental workout and 1 weekly workout


PE - Joe Wicks


English - we are looking at expanded noun phrases.

Have a look at the resources below and see if you can identify the expanded noun phrases.

Then create 5 of your own in your exercise book.


Project - Computing -  Life Cycles


We are looking at life cycles of a butterfly and a frog. We have looked at this before, so today we are using technology to show the life cycles. We are using an app called Stop Motion. You could also use Pic Collage, powerpoint or something else.




Maths - We are learning to multiply 4 digits by 1 digit.

We have looked at this in arithmetic.

Have a look at the powerpoint below and have a go at the following questions


3215 x 2

4198 x 4

7812 x 6

7891 x 9

1234 x 5

7983 x 7



We are looking at speech punctuation again today.

Complete pages 62 - 64 in your grammar book. Read the sections at the top of the page to help you recap what we have learnt.


Project - Today we are looking at our current and next project.

Make a list of 5 things you have learnt in Beast Creator.

Make a list of 5 thinks you know about Darwin and evolution (if you can)

Make a list of 5 things you would like to learn in our next project - Darwin's delights.


If you can email these to me, we can pop them in your book for when you get back.


Handwriting - Complete the next 2 pages of your handwriting.





Maths - multiplication. 

We are multiplying by a 2 digit number today. Have a look at the video below and try pg 24 in your maths book. 

English - Reading Comprehension


Complete the next page in your reading book.