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Year 2 proudly showing off their plants with correctly labelled parts in Science this afternoon.

Year 2 spent the afternoon identifying different types of tree; deciduous and evergreen, then looking at the different patterns they could make from bark rubbing as well as spending some time sketching the leaves from different trees.

Year 2 spent some time in groups this afternoon exploring the trees around the school grounds as well as thinking about what the weather was like. This will be part of their exploration into seasonal changes throughout the year.

This afternoon in Science, Year 5 used research tools to find out about blood groups and the work of Karl Landsteiner!

The whole school took part in British Science Week today by taking part in activities across their key stage linked to the theme of 'Our Diverse Planet'. We had creating a creature, bubble blowing experiments and guess the animal.

Year 5 created some artificial blood samples to show the different components in blood! They then created a life size drawing poster to explain what was helpful or harmful to the human body, heart and blood.

In science this afternoon year 6 had to create their own artificial blood sample to identify the different components. They then described the function of each component and linked it to previous learning of the circulatory system.

Fantastic science lesson from year 3 today as they created electrical circuits. The children had to predict and describe whether a circuit will work based on whether or not the circuit is a complete loop and has a battery.

The reception children have been investigating how to free the dragons from the frozen eggs. The children observed and discussed the changes to the ice and talked about where ice comes from. This linked in really well when we experienced a flutter of snow later on ❄

Some children from Reception B and C planted some trees today! Since the children from Science club had been learning about micro habitats earlier this week, a few of them came along with me to plant the trees (from the woodland trust) and thought about which animals would want to live in the trees. We also talked about how important the trees are to us, providing us with oxygen.

Year 6 have finished their project with a practical science experiment. They created simple circuits to explore which materials were good conductors of electricity . They then discussed how morse code messages could be created using their circuits and how an open and closed switch would make the bulbs flash on and off.

Year 1 investigating how mud is made. We even collected data in a table to see if our predictions were correct!

Today year 3 had fun in science sorting and classifying different food groups. They also created their own ‘yummy’ healthy lunch boxes!

Year 2 carried out an experiment today. We had a sample of different foods in cake cases and we put it in the oven for 3 minutes. After the time they were able to see what changes had happened to the food and we even talked about some of the foods melted from a solid, into a liquid and back into a solid again. Wow!

Year 2 are looking forward to performing a simple test in Science tomorrow. Ahead of this, they've made a prediction today and we discussed the words 'solid' and 'liquid' which they've tried to include.

Year 4 worked extremely well to explore a range of different foods and sort/classify them.

Reception are on countdown to the Rainbow Party. Today we made jelly using our senses to describe the jelly, talked about changes & thought about why the changes were happening. We can't wait to make more rainbow treats!

Year 4 had a wonderful time experimenting with electric circuits this afternoon! We tested the conductivity of different items inside the classroom and looked back at our initial predictions.

Year 5 have had an excellent afternoon investigating, ‘Why do planets have craters?’ They weighted different size objects and then measured the width and depth of the crater formed in the trays!

Reception B got a reply from Rainbow Town! The King & Queen thought our party plans were FANTASTIC! They sent us some magic beads in our water tray & some sweets and instructions to follow to make a rainbow! We talked about how the beads felt & made predictions about how we could make a rainbow with water & sweets!

Year 5 were looking at the importance of insulation in space so they looked at how different materials affected the rate at which the boiling water cooled.

Years 1 and 2 performed a simple investigation today. They looked at different soap products and made predictions for which one would produce the most bubbles! A fab afternoon of investigation and working together.

Year 3 spent this afternoon looking at how different surfaces can affect the distance a car travels down a ramp. They had to think about how #friction and air resistance caused the car to travel shorter distances!

Year 6 completed a Science investigation with force meters to help understand the difference between weight and mass. They then used this information to work out how many Newtons pulled on an object to show how gravity worked

This afternoon Year 3 examined coins which had been previously soaked in different solutions, (water, cola, ketchup, lemon juice & vinegar. We compared them to their pre-soaked state and discussed the process of oxidation.

Last week Year 3 had a great day and used force meters to explore how levers can be used to lift heavier objects with little effort!

Year 3 had a very fun afternoon investigating #spinners and looking at #inertia for their #MightyMetals project. They understood that an object will not move unless there is a pushing or pulling force applied.

Year 3 and 4 had an amazing time at the local park yesterday! They looked at: forces used when playing parachute games; using a compass to follow directions and exploring how forces are used in the park apparatus!

Reception found a creature in the cupboard who was scared & lost! The message asked us to camouflage it to keep it safe. So we found materials to match his body & talked about why we couldn't use some of them.