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Lesson 1: Maths

Watch the video and complete the worksheets below. If you cannot print worksheets at home your child can complete the work in their red exercise book.

Subtraction - how many are left? (2)

If your child has been given the CGP Maths Workout Reception Level please follow the link below and complete session 2


Lesson 2 - Phonics

Please note which CGP Phonics book your child has been given and complete the corresponding work below.

Book 3

  • 'Spelling words', pages 20 - 21

Book 4

  • 'or', pages 20 - 21

Book 5

  • 'Common Words', pages 20 - 21


Lesson 3 - English

Yesterday we started to explore riddles - remember a riddle is a type of poem that works like a puzzle. Today I would like you to write a riddle about one of the childhood items below. Use the sentence starters 'I am' and 'My' and also remember to finish your riddle by writing 'What am I?' at the end. 

Your child can write their riddle in their red exercise book.

Lesson 4 - Handwriting 

Please ensure your child is holding their pencil correctly and forming their letter correctly.

  • CGP Handwriting Targeted Practice book - 'Curved and Straight Lines', page 4
  • CGP Handwriting Targeted Practice book - 'u, y and j', page 8



Lesson 5 - PE

Use to link below to access the Cosmic Kids Yoga we will be doing this afternoon.

Popcorn the Dolphin | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!