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Lesson 1: Times Table Rockstars - Please spend 15minutes on this to work on your times tables.

Lesson 2: Maths  (1 hour) - I have recorded videos for both groups, so please follow the sub pages below to complete the work for your group. If you are not sure which group you are in, then please email Mr Roberts.


When completing the work you can either: answer all of the questions and then watch the videos to mark the work and check or you can watch the video and complete the questions at the same time.

Lesson 3: Phonics (30mins) - For this lesson, if we had been in school the children would have been recapping all of the work completed during lockdown to then be assessed and then put into groups accordingly. I will be running through some graphemes and words in the TEAMs call each day but I would encourage you to look back at the Year 1 Remote Learning Page where all of the videos were saved for each group and also make use of Phonics Play to access the games and activities on there.

Lesson 4: English (1hour) - Please watch the video for full instructions of today's task or look at the instructions below.


1) Complete the spelling activity below where you need to fill in the blanks with an appropriate word for the sentence.


The c_____________ were in the classroom.


Some people add s__________ to their hot drinks like tea and coffee.


There are sixty minutes in an h_______.


2) Run through the presentation below and think about what the artefacts are, what they are made from and what their use may have been?

3) Match the artefact to its description.

4) Write comparisons for the Victorian artefacts to what we use in school classrooms nowadays.

Lesson 5: Reading or NESSY (15minutes) - If your child knows they do NESSY in school, then please email Mr Roberts for login details if they cannot remember them.


If you do not do NESSY, then please choose a book to read. I know it is difficult to read your school book at the minute because they have not been swapped for a long time. However, use this time to read something different - a children's magazine or newspaper, a children's website (BBC Bitesize or newsround do interesting articles), a free reading book you have always wanted to read!


Lesson 6: History (1hour) - For this lesson, please either watch the videos for the instructions and tasks or read through them below.


1) Open the document labelled Task 1 and answer the following questions in your book:

 - When did Samuel Wilderspin live?

 - What is he famous for?

 - What job did he have?

It does not matter if you are right or wrong, it is all about having a good guess to get your brains thinking before you find out the real answers!

2) Listen to the video/audio clip labelled Task 2 and then answer this questions:

'How were Wilderspin’s views different to that of others in Victorian times?'

3) Open the document labelled Task 3 and answer the questions from the information given.

4) Think about or write an answer to the following:

'What do you think was the impact of Wilderspin's work on schools in the present day?'