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Lesson 1 - Maths

Starter activity

The worksheets for todays lesson have been provided in your child's pack and you can find the answers below.

Addition and subtraction facts to 20

If your child has been given the White Rose Maths activity sheets they need to watch the video below and complete the corresponding sheets in their maths pack.

Lesson 2 - Phonics

Lesson 3 - English

Today I would like you to plan your diary entry. I have attached the planning sheet below; however, if you don't have a printer please just write your plan into your red exercise book. 


When writing your plan think about one of your remote lessons from yesterday. Think about what happened before, during and after the lesson. Write one sentence for each section including a sentence about how you felt (see the feelings word mat below). Finally, finish your plan by choosing three time words that you will use in your diary entry (see document below). 

Lesson 4 - PE

Click the link below and join in with Cosmic yoga for your weekly yoga session.

Spring & Easter Yoga For Kids 💐🐰 Yoga Club (Week 30) | Cosmic Kids

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Lesson 5 - Handwriting


Please ensure your child is holding their pencil correctly and forming their letters correctly.

  • CGP Handwriting Targeted Practice book - 'Practising Letters with Tails' page 17

Lesson 6 - Spellings

Please click on the video below for your weekly spellings. 

Spellings week commencing 1st March