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Daily Challenge: Have a movie night.


8:45 – 9:15 – TTRS


9:15 – 10:15 – Maths – Decimals

10:30 – 11 – Reading


11 – 12 English

Today, you are going to rehearse and perform your poem.

Have a look at the intonation practice work and have a go at the speaking activities. These are on the video.

Spend the next 20 mins rehearsing to yourself. You need to learn it by heart. Can you add actions or change your voice? Have a look at my video. Then perform your poetry and create a video to send to me.


Still image for this video



SPaG - Semi-Colons and Colons

Answer the SPaG Questions

Watch the video and complete the work on the video.


Science – Have a look at the adaptation presentation and think about what is on these. Look at the pictures at the end and think about what adaptations help the plant or animal to survive.


Then, have a read of the Polar ecosystems information and record a video of what you have learnt about the ecosystems.