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Diversity and Cultural Awareness

As a school, we have always promoted diversity and tolerance of one another but now more than ever, with events across the world, it is a priority for us as a school to have and show an understanding of others from different cultural and ethnic  backgrounds.  In an area such as ours, where diversity is not so apparent, it is our responsibility to ensure that the children of Spilsby Primary are culturally aware.


We embed diversity by: 

  • Teaching world religions throughout the academic year
  • Expanding learning beyond local and national boundaries by teaching world history and geography.
  • Exposing the children to a diverse of books and authors.
  • Discussing current affairs during our 'Picture News' assembly times.  


Another way we are encouraging cultural awareness is through an annual whole-school “Culture Day”. Through these activities, we can learn about differences, celebrate diversity, challenge stereotypes and empathise with others on a multicultural level, thus breaking down barriers and reducing prejudice.


For our annual “Culture Day”, each class chooses a country and explores the heritage, history. language and culture around it. In the afternoon, the children then visit each of the countries (classrooms) in their key stages allowing them to learn about other countries and cultures through a variety of activities such as art, food tasting, music and dancing.