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Attendance at Spilsby Primary Academy 


In order for children to get the greatest benefit from their education in school, it is important that they have good attendance and arrive punctually. As they grow and prepare for their next stages of education and employment children need to see good attendance and punctuality as important qualities that should be valued by themselves, their parents/carers, by others and by employers. We will do all that we can to encourage good attendance and punctuality.


Where children or their families are unable to meet our high expectations for attendance and punctuality we will put into place effective strategies to support them in bringing about improvement


Please note:  'Persistent Absentees' is classed as those children with 90% attendance and below.  

If your child's attendance is less than 90%, you will receive an attendance letter. We do understand that children occasionally get poorly but we ask that you do your very best to encourage them into school and work with us if there is an issue or a longer term illness. Children who miss school regularly can very quickly fall behind (see table below) and begin to find keeping up with their work difficult. If you have any worries at all about attendance please do come and speak to us.


100% Attendance

0 days missed




95% Attendance

9 days of absence: 1 week and 4 days of learning missed.


90% Attendance

19 days of absence: 3 weeks and 4 days of learning missed.


85% Attendance

28 days of absence: 5 week and 3 days of learning missed.

Very Poor

80% Attendance

38 days of absence: 7 weeks and 3 days of learning missed.


75% Attendance

46 days of absence: 9 weeks and 1 days of learning missed.