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Spring Term 2 - Magnificent Monarchs

What makes a monarch magnificent? 

This project teaches children about the English and British monarchy from AD 871 to the present day. Using timelines, information about royal palaces, portraits and other historical sources, they build up an understanding of the monarchs and then research six of the most significant sovereigns.

Our magnificent home learning


This afternoon we created a timeline to display six significant sovereigns in chronological order. We also learnt that historical periods include Anglo-Saxon, Norman, Plantagenet, House of Lancaster, House of York, Tudor, Stuart, Restoration, Hanoverian, House of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha and House of Windsor.


Today we used our knowledge of Hampton Court Palace to build a model using recycled materials. We practiced composing sentences orally and next week we will write an information leaflet about this royal residency.

Word Book Day


In RE we have been learning about the Jewish festival of Purim. The Purim story features a villain called Haman, and everyone in the synagogue boos, hisses, stamps their feet and uses noisemakers (called graggers) and cymbals whenever the name of Haman is mentioned during the service. We have made our own graggers using craft materials.


British Science Week

The theme this year for British Science Week is ‘Growth’. In Year 1 we made our own seed bombs. We talk about how plants spread their seeds and what they need to grow.


Giving a gift to at least one person during Purim is called Mishloach Manot. It is a mitzvah (rule) of Judaism. Jews give inexpensive gifts including two foods, such as hamantaschen, sweets, fruit, nuts or bread to make sure that everyone has enough food for the Purim celebrations. Today we iced biscuits and gave them to a friend we thought about how it felt to give a gift to someone else.

Art and design - Companion Project: Portraits and Poses

Today we worked in pairs to sketch each other in our regal poses. We learnt that a sketch is a quickly-produced or unfinished drawing, which helps artists develop their ideas. 

Art and design - Companion Project: Portraits and Poses

This afternoon we used art software to make a digital portrait using line only. We explored different drawing effects to create a sketch of a famous monarch.