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Design and Technology


At Spilsby Primary Academy, we teach DT because it develops our children's designing, planning, making and evaluating skills through a subject focus of structures, mechanisms, cooking and nutrition or textiles. 

Year 2 using their knowledge and skills to prepare root vegetables ready to make a healthy vegetable casserole. #skillsforlife

Year 1 have been exploring honey. We discussed how the flavour of honey depends on the type of flower its nectar came from. Then we used our measuring skills to weigh ingredients and make some delicious flapjack to eat.

Year 1 made fruit caterpillar kebabs. The children prepared the fruit and then selected the suitable tools for the task.

Year 3 exploring different levers.

Year 5 and 6 researched how and why rockets were different shapes, sizes and lengths. They then discussed what elements the rocket had to withstand throughout its journey from the ground to space. They then set about designing their own labelled rockets, thinking about the functional properties of the materials they chose. Rocket Designs

Year 5 and 6 worked imaginatively today to create their own moonscapes. They understood that by choosing the best materials for the task and using the material's characteristics effectively, they could create a 3D visual piece representing the texture and surface of the Moon.

Year 5 & 6 used their D&T skills to deconstruct, stitch and repair within their ‘Make Do and Mend’ session. Precision, resilience and selecting the correct tool were paramount to a successful end result.

Year 2 made some carnival inspired headdresses as part of their Rio de Vida project. They used different materials and methods to attach them to their creation!

After looking at existing instruments last week, the children created their own instrument from junk modelling and added some Samba carnival inspired decorations. They had to think about how the instrument could still be used as well as considering how it would be suitable for a vibrant, colourful Brazilian carnival celebration!

Year 2 spent time exploring samba and percussion instruments. They discussed how sound was made and how it travelled from the instrument. Next step is making their own instrument!

Year 6 continued with their healthy theme following recipes to create a nourishing lunchbox. Using different D&T skills and teamwork ensured they cut, sliced and chopped according to the instructions, producing tasty food with high nutritional value.

Year 6 analysed and evaluated ‘healthy’ food product packaging in D&T. Comparing the traffic light label system, nutritional details and healthy product advertising- gathering vital information and understanding of a daily recommended intake.

KS1 children used materials and tools to create finger puppets all part of their Beachcombers and Land Ayoy projects.

Year 6 had a medieval inspired creative afternoon. They developed their mastery of painting art skills, and improved their D&T joining, cutting and shaping skills to produce wonderful knight’s shields and helmets.

In Design and Technology, year 5 have used a variety of techniques to create medieval helmets.

So proud of Year 2 this week for working collaboratively to create some amazing Beach huts from wood, card and art straws!

This afternoon, Year 2 started the first stage of making their Beach Huts by making box frames from wood and card! Looking forward to seeing the end results tomorrow.

Blown away by how sensible Year 2 were this afternoon when using hacksaws to saw wood and make box frames. They absolutely love their Beach Hut project, whilst also building on their Skills for Life.

Year 2 have been working on different strengthening, scoring and joining skills for their Beach Hut project

Year 6 used great D&T and then computing skills this afternoon by first designing a roller coaster carriage, labelling its features and discussing the forces it withstands, then sequencing and selecting programme skills to create a looping animation.

Y3&4 absolutely loved our afternoon in the sun, creating junk model musical instruments. We talked about how we wanted our instruments to look/sound & selected appropriate resources & tools.

Working in teams, year 6, used different cutting, shaping, joining and construction skills to build their own Theme Park.

This afternoon, Year 2 created some woodland crowns using natural resources along with pictures of plants and flowers!

Working collaboratively, year 6 found a range of suitable natural materials and man made items to build a minibeast hotel. Their aim was to select and combine materials with precision to encourage a range of minibeasts to make their homes there.

After looking at their senses, Year 2 used their measuring and mixing skills in to create some scented dough

Y1 making nests in nature land and exploring how they can be made stronger, stiffer and more stable.

Year 2 love going down to the woodland area in school! In Design and Technology today they created some woodland creature homes as well as enjoying some tasty snacks that they created in the week!

In Design and Technology this afternoon, Year 2 used different ingredients and equipment to create some tiny tea party snacks! They can’t wait to eat them later on this week!

Year 5 are completing their innovate challenge. Preparing for the afterlife by select from and using a wide range of materials and components.

Some great teamwork shown during year 6s pyramid building D&T session, with the focus on selecting tools for practical tasks and selecting functional construction materials.

Year 5 are using a variety of materials to construct pyramids.

In Design and Technology, Year 2 created some habitats for woodland creatures using natural resources in the nature-land area of school!

Year 6 kicked off their Pharaohs project with a great creative afternoon using D&T skills (selecting tools, shaping and joining) to create canopic jars and a Egyptian headdress

Year 3 created and tasted a Minnesota Hot Dish this afternoon in Design and Technology. They had to use appropriate equipment and ingredients to create the dish as well as follow instructions.

A busy afternoon in Year 1 making bread just like Thomas Farriner might have made in his bakery on Pudding Lane. They used the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare the rolls.

Year 5 and 6 have been making Mexican Paletas ( ice lollies) in D& T today and researching their history, inventor and flavours.

Year 5 showed some great knowledge in Design and Technology as they designed, made and evaluated their woodwind instruments made from bottles and inspired by the Maya!

Minotaur heads are beginning to take shape in year 3 using modroc! A great design and technology afternoon!

Year 6 have tried to create their own musical wind instrument in D&T. They had to identify where they needed to cut the object’s shape so it would still make a noise and a functional wind instrument.

This afternoon in Design and Technology, Year 3 created the wings for Icarus and Daedalus after studying the Greek myth in English this week!

Year 3 started to create the packaging for their smoothie product in design and technology. They had to include lots of essential features and make the product eye catching!

Year 5 had a fantastic afternoon creating some toys and games inspired by those used by people during World War 2. They used their design and technology skills to design and make their toy!

Lots of fun this afternoon in Year 3 making their smoothies!!

Year 5 have worked so hard this week with their remembrance art and DT project. They sketched their designs and then transferred them to black paper. They then used a craft knife to cut out their pattern. Finally they cut pieces of tissue paper to the correct size and stuck them to the back of the design to create the finished poppy-themed stained glass windows. It required real patience and precision and the children have excelled themselves.

Year 6 have used D&T skills to manipulate the clay into their chosen poppy shape, selecting the appropriate tools and equipment to complete the task successfully.

A super D&T lesson this afternoon for Year 3 as they made healthy flapjacks to eat later in the week!

Year 4 had a BLAST making fruit rockets and toffee apples this afternoon! 🚀🍎 They used different cooking techniques to prepare and cook simple recipes.

Year 6 had a brilliant day at John Spendluffe for their ‘vehicle of the future’ design day.

Year 3 have been working on their design and technology skills this week by designing a robot with annotations and then using junk modelling to create a final product! They had to skilfully plan which materials would be needed and explain why.

Year 1 have been busy making Brazilian quindim for our project Rio de Vida. Instructions to follow!. The children used the basic principles of a healthy and varied diet to prepare the quindim.