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Our Vision and Values

Our Mission: 

Spilsby Primary Academy is committed to providing a broad education where all children can reach their potential in a happy, caring environment, which encourages them to value themselves and those around them.


At Spilsby Primary Academy, we want our children to be respected, responded to sensitively and trusted as individuals.  We strive for them to feel safe, nurtured and treated with dignity and kindness.  All staff aim to be consistent in their approach to ensure children feel valued, included and shown compassion whilst building their skills for life through our Spilsby 7.         


Our Values: 

Our whole school community is underpinned by our core values:


We believe the promotion of positive behaviour is fundamental to a happy, learning atmosphere, which actively encourages a thirst for acquiring knowledge, a love of learning and a high standard of achievement. 


As a school we work together to promote our ‘Spilsby 7’: 


  • Be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right thing.
  • Be resilient- never give up and bounce back from difficulties.  
  • Build relationships- learn well with others, show respect and be part of our Spilsby team. 
  • Be resourceful- be focused, be independent, think for yourself and use things to help you to learn. 
  • Be reflective- ask yourself:  Is this my best?  How can I improve? Have I challenged myself?
  • Be responsible- for your learning, for your actions and for your attitude.        
  • Be proud- take pride in your learning, your books, your classroom, your uniform and your school.