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Lesson 1: Times Table Rockstars - Please spend 15minutes on this to work on your times tables.

Lesson 2: Maths  (1 hour) - I have recorded videos for both groups, so please follow the sub pages below to complete the work for your group. If you are not sure which group you are in, then please email Mr Roberts.


When completing the work you can either: answer all of the questions and then watch the videos to mark the work and check or you can watch the video and complete the questions at the same time.

Lesson 3: Phonics (30minutes) - Please refer to the document below, where there are some activities for the children to complete. Ensure that they complete the correct activity for their group. Then spend time reading the tricky words before using the link to phonics play below to further practise their phonics.

Lesson 4: English (1hour) - Please follow the instructions below:


1) Can you think of a word which could fill the gaps below:


 - A_________ break, it is time for phonics.


 - When we get back to c_______, we will do some maths.


 - G______ is an expensive metal.


 - The team with the m_____ points wins the competition!


 - You should drink lots of w________ to stay healthy!


2) Since doing the School Days project, we have learnt a lot about Victorian schools as well as our own school. Spend 10 minutes discussing what you have discovered about schools in the Victorian era and what schools are like now.

3) Think about how you can make a positive contribution to the life of the school so that you may become part of our school’s history. Use the sheet below to generate some ideas and then in your book write down what it is you would like to do in school and why.

Lesson 5: Reading or NESSY (15minutes) - If your child knows they do NESSY in school, then please email Mr Roberts for login details if they cannot remember them.


If you do not do NESSY, then please choose a book to read. I know it is difficult to read your school book at the minute because they have not been swapped for a long time. However, use this time to read something different - a children's magazine or newspaper, a children's website (BBC Bitesize or newsround do interesting articles), a free reading book you have always wanted to read!


Lesson 6: R.E (30mins) - Jumu’ah is a special time for Muslims, when they take part in prayer and if possible at a Mosque, which is their place of worship. Think about the following:

  • Do you have a special time of the week?
  • Do you have an object which reminds you of that special time?


Task: Can you draw your special time of the week/object and write a sentence underneath it to explain what the picture shows.


Lesson 7: PSHE (30mins) - There is no writing in today's lesson, but it is really important that you spend some time watching the videos on the website below. They talk to you about how to stay safe on the internet because the internet is a wonderful place and as proven recently is used a lot! But it is so important that you can use it safely!