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Lower Key Stage 2

Year 4 had Viking in their school to celebrate their Invasion project! Today we were visited by Thorgunna Eriksdottir, a real Viking! She talked to us about the Vikings, their everyday life and battle techniques. We made a shield wall, dissected Viking poo to see what the Vikings ate, tried out Viking and Anglo Saxon helmets, swords and axes and acted out a story about Thor and Loki! We’ve learned so much about the Vikings and had lots of fun at the same time!

Such a fabulous day at Lincolnshire Wildlife Park today with Year 3 & 4 🦜🦁🐯So many massive smiles all day. We all LOVED seeing real life animals after learning all about them in our Predator project

Year 3 & Year 4 had the most wonderful time at the park this morning looking at forces on playground equipment. Gravity, friction, pushes, pulls and even momentum all discussed and practiced whilst having lots of fun.

Years 3 and 4 joined together to try four different Viking-themed activities.  They made spiced apple juice (practising their cutting and kitchen safety skills, as well as discussing Viking ingredients and cooking methods), made clay Vikings (practising their artistic sculpting skills), learning about, reading and writing Viking runes, and drawing cartoon Vikings (practising their drawing skills).  The children have really enjoyed all of the activities and are looking forward to writing a recount of their experience in English over the next week.

We have had THE most fabulous Egyptian Day! We carved soap, made perfume, made bread, wrapped a mummy, wrote in hieroglyphics and replicated a festival in a Palace with out very own Queen! To be complimented on the 'spectacular' behaviour was the icing on the cake! The children looked fantastic and have really done us proud.

A term full of musical experiences for Y3 & Y4. Junk model instruments, steel pans, samba drumming with Lincolnshire Music Service, cello, boomwhackers, science of sound & disco dome bouncy castle at our WOW event!

This morning we created a playlist of the children's favourite songs for our Playlist project to play in the Disco Dome! An amazing WOW day including music appreciation, boomwhackers and another quiz to consolidate learning!

As part of their 'Playlist' project, years 3 and 4 were visited by the brilliant Charlotte, Bev and Grahame from Rhythm and Steel in Alford. They came to demonstrate the steel pans for us and we learned all about how the sound is made and the different types of pans. They also showed us and played other instruments such as the cornet, bass ukulele, acoustic guitar and electric guitar.


They played us a variety of styles of music; from reggae and calypso to rock and pop and we talked about the rhythms, melodies and harmonies in the pieces. The children got involved too, clapping rhythms, chanting and some even got to play the pans and percussion instruments.


We learned so much about steel pans and different types of music this afternoon and we absolutely loved it.

Year 3 & 4 have had the most magical day wand-making, spell-writing & casting, a Macbeth rap battle, big fat quiz of the term, incredible costumes & huge smiles. This is what it's all about! What a brilliant team

A brilliant memorable experience all together this afternoon: Roman shield making!

An excellent afternoon working in teams to demonstrate our learning from this term. It was Y3s first time doing a Kahoot and they loved it! Finished off with our philosophical question which brought varied answers with reasons!

Year 3 and 4 have had an awesome morning with 'Past Productions', reinforcing all of their 'Through the Ages' project learning through art, drama and handling artefacts.

After looking at a timeline of the stone age and discussing the chronology of the era, our class took part in some exciting stone age themed activities. We created woolly mammoths using milk bottles and collage techniques, we constructed Stonehenge structures out of biscuits and, after looking at some stone age cave art, we went into our caves (under our desks!) to create our own!

Year 3 had a look at the chronology of the Stone Age and put the dates in order on a timeline. Then we enjoyed making Woolly Mammoths out of milk bottles and using watercolour paints to create the background for our Stonehenge pictures

A fantastic day at The Collection in Lincoln! Bringing their Gods and Mortals project to an end!

A fab WOW Event for Year 3 this afternoon! Families came in and had the chance to see the children’s smoothie business groups and try some of the smoothies! 😁

Lots of fun the other day in Year 3 and 4 making their smoothies!! Lots of different fruits on offer for the children to taste and explore.

Brilliant outdoor learning sessions in Year 3 and 4 this week making mud pies. They followed the instructions very well, sourcing all ingredients from the local area to create their masterpieces.

Years 3 and 4 had an amazing experience today seeing all the sights in Sainsbury’s! We were taken on a tour through the supermarket where we discussed all sorts of information about fruits and vegetables. We went in the freezers, had a look in the bakery, and even tried some food too.

Year 3 & Year 4 had an amazing time at the local park yesterday! They looked at: forces used when playing parachute games; using a compass to follow directions and exploring how forces are used in the park apparatus!

What a brillint way to start their Tribal Tales project with a visit to Flag Fen! The children loved learning about the Stone, Bronze and Iron ages.

Yesterday morning, years 3 and 4 were learning about how geology 'ROCKS' to help us with our Tremors project! Thank you to our special guest, Sam, who is studying geology at university, who talked to the children about types of rocks. They then looked at some rock samples & sorted them into groups.

Year 3 and 4 had a feather ruffling afternoon with Tales of Talons They saw birds of prey up close and asked lots of questions to find out more!! #predator

Fabulous pictures from the trip to Yorkshire Wildlife park today!