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Polar Explorer visit

Memorable Experience


Year 6 have had a fabulous day filled with a variety of polar themed activities and discussions. Simon, who has explored the polar regions, filled the children’s day with an array of activities that let them share the prior knowledge and understanding they had learned in the first 5 weeks of the project.  Year 6 were able to explain why there is polar day and night, which countries were in the Arctic Circle, how Antarctica differs from the Arctic and which animals lived where. The class also created their own polar animal, paying attention to its physical features and explaining how it could survive in the extreme cold temperatures, how it hunted and how it camouflaged itself from its prey. They then looked at the hazards of polar exploration in the environment and on the body- even looking at gruesome frost bite photos, ew! The final part of the day was a Q&A with Simon, with some very well thought out questions.