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Summer Term 2: Predator!

This project looks at the fascinating world of predators and prey, food chains and habitats, and we will aim to answer our big question:


What makes an animal a predator or prey?

MashUp Live!

This afternoon, we took part in a virtual live concert called MashUp Live which was put on by Lincolnshire Music Service.  It was presented by YolanDa Brown and involved over 4500 children and young people from across the county.  We were able to play our trumpets and trombones with a live band and listen to live performances by brilliant professional musicians.

Birds of prey in flight

We looked at photos and videos of incredible birds of prey in flight.  We then used our drawing and sketching skills to create our own brilliant sketches.

Owl Pellet Dissection

Today we dissected owl pellets!  It was an absolutely fascinating activity and we were all amazed by what we found!  As we dissected, we identified bones, teeth and fur of the owl's prey.  Isn't nature incredible!

Today we learned about the different parts of a flower.  We drew labelled diagrams and then dissected an alstroemeria flower, using our diagrams to help us identify the different parts.