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Monday 1st March 2021


Lesson 1: Times Table Rockstars - Please spend 15minutes on this to work on your times tables.

Lesson 2: Maths  (1 hour) - Miss Baines' group please refer to the Year 1 remote learning page and follow the instructions on there.


Mr Roberts' group we have moved onto a new unit about properties of shape. Please answer questions on the sheets that were picked up from school before half term. The video will explain the questions and provide answers to help with your learning.

Lesson 3: Phonics (30mins) - Now that we have come to the end of the CGP books for phonics, lessons will now be delivered as pre-recorded videos. Please follow the link which will take you to the Year 1 page where all of the phonics lessons have been prepared. I have emailed everyone to say what group children are in but please email if you are still unsure.
Lesson 4: English (1 hour) - Please watch the video for full instructions on the tasks in today's lesson.

Lesson 5: R.E (45mins) -

1) Read the story of Bilal (the slave who became the first muezzin – person who calls worshippers to prayer) and find the meaning of any tricky words.

2) Discuss the following questions:

  • How is Bilal feeling?
  • Why is the slave owner angry?
  • Do you think Bilal is brave?
  • What do you think Bilal might have said when he called the people to prayer?

3) A muezzin is a person who calls other worshippers to prayer. The adhan (call to prayer) happens five times a day, usually from a tall tower in a mosque called a minaret. The midday adhan on a Friday signals the start of Friday prayers.

4) Write down an answer for the final question above about what Bilal might have said.

5) As an extension, can you draw what you think the tower might look like that the adhan is called from.

6) As another extension watch the video below of a Muslim call to prayer and think about the lyrics that you can see and how they are relevant for calling people to prayer.

Lesson 6: Music (40mins) - Today we are going to look at a ursery rhyme, today's nursery rhyme is 'Sing a Song of Sixpence'.


As with lots of nursery rhymes, no one is certain what this one is about, but the king in the rhyme could be the famous Tudor monarch Henry VIII. However some people think 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' is actually a coded message used by pirates, like the infamous Blackbeard, to recruit new crew members. Blackbeard sailed the seas in the 18th century ( the Victorian era), some think that 'Sing a Song of Sixpence' was originally one of these coded messages, sung in pubs in ports across the world by the crew of a notorious pirate called Blackbeard. According to this idea, ‘the king’ wasn’t a king at all, but Blackbeard himself, and ‘the queen’ was his ship, called ‘The Queen Anne’.


Watch the video below and learn the words and actions.

For an extra activity can you create a wanted poster for Blackbeard or even bake a yummy pie.