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Week Beginning 14/12/2020






We are multiplying by 2 digit numbers again this week. Have a look at the video from Friday and complete these questions in your exercise book.

 34 x 12


29 x 23


37 x 16


45 x 27


49 x 34


52 x 27


49 x 34


52 x 17


28 x 76




Today we are doing guided reading in class. Complete the next reading comprehension in your book.


We are watching a panto this afternoon. You may like to find a pantomime on youtube or watch a Christmas film






Complete the next page in your mental workout book.


PE - Joe Wicks


Project -

We are making monkey's to hang from the ceiling. Have a look at the links below and see if you can make a monkey.



Complete 3 pages of your 10 minute maths book.


For the rest of the day we will be doing Christmas crafts and watching a Christmas film.



Maths - 

We are multiplying 4 digit numbers by 2 digit number today. This works exactly the same as the smaller numbers earlier this week. 


Have a go at these in your book.


1203 x 26


25 x 2459


1612 x 24


3006 x 37


1654 x 23


3612 x 38


For the rest of the day we are having a Christmas party and doing Christmas colouring. Have a lovely time at home with your family. Send Miss Campling and Miss Cobb photos of what you have done.


Have a lovely Christmas. Feel free to send us photos of your Christmas. Can't wait to see you.