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At Spilsby Primary, we teach History to help children recognise and create a chronological understanding of past events. We explore history to develop a broad knowledge of how achievements and failures from ancient civilisations through to modern historical events have shaped the lives we lead today.

Year 3 and 4's amazing re-enactment of Roman battle formations this afternoon. We used the scutums (shields) we have created to protect ourselves from attack.

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Year 5 are acting out the process of mummification. We considered the process from the ancient Egyptians.

Year 5 have been studying artefacts that were found in Tutankhamun’s tomb.

Year 6 have researched different Egyptian Gods, sketched their image and used hieroglyphs to write their title and what they represent.

Year 3 looked at The Iroquois Native American Tribe in History this afternoon. They used their research skills to find out about the historical time period!

Year 6 have worked collaboratively to create a research report on the Maya Civilisation.

A great afternoon of research into the Ancient Greek Civilisation for year 3 as well as reading about famous Greeks like Aristotle, Pythagoras and Alexander the Great!

Year 3 and 4 spent the afternoon diving into the Greek’s rich history, dating all the way back to 1600BC. We made ‘snake timelines’ to show the most important events over a 1500year time span. 🏺🗡🛡🏛

Year 3 created some timelines this afternoon to show the life of James Lind and all of his accomplishments.

Year 5 have been busy creating timelines to show the story of Anne Frank. They have been so moved by her story - this week has been so thought-provoking and humbling.

A very thought provoking and humbling afternoon with Year 5 looking at The Holocaust in History. They also read some stories of victims from the time.

Year 5 worked really hard this afternoon in History, studying some of the key events from World War 2. They chose an event and then worked collaboratively to create a class timeline!

Year 6 have been working collaboratively to order events during World War 2 and create their own timeline.

As part of their memorable experience, Year 5/6 watched a World War 2 evacuee telling their experience of being evacuated to help plan their evacuee letter home. They even took part in yard drills, marching and good old-fashioned games!

Year 6 have been researching Galileo Galilei to create their own chronological report. They thought very carefully about the decisions made and the impact that the Galileo had.