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PSHE, SMSC and British Values



At Spilsby Primary, we learn about PSHE/ Health and Well-being to prepare our children for life, helping them really know and value who they are and understand how they relate to other people in this ever-changing world.

As well as being embedded into our values, ethos and curriculum, SMSC and British Values are also incorporated into our weekly 'Picture News' assemblies. Here are some examples of the themes we explore.

Y6 took part in a ‘Magistrates in the Community' presentation. Two real life Magistrate representatives joined the class to deliver an amazing role-play experience for the class. Many children took key roles but all played the part of a Magistrate: listening to and discussing evidence, and deliberating the punishment and compensation. The children asked mature questions and listened intently to all that was being said. A massive well done to them all.

To help spread the ‘Reach Out’ message, our whole school took part in the national ‘Odd Socks Day’ promotion to help raise awareness of anti-bullying.

Year 2 have been learning about rights and responsibilities as a member of the class and of the school. The children worked in groups to decide what the word responsibility means and the different ways they can be responsible in class. By the end of the session the children gained some new knowledge such as that being responsible is part of growing up and that by being responsible in class means that school can be a safe and happy place to learn

An amazing day celebrating the Harvest Festival with outstanding behaviour & singing from all the children proud and completely blown away by the generosity of our #community to help those in need. Donations to be delivered to The New Life Centre

Wonderful discussions in Y3 around #equality and #protectedcharacteristics. The children even came up with their very own ideas which could be added to the circle. Fantastic work as we build #skillsforlife

Team Franklin have had a very busy Enterprise Week making our own recycled eco-friendly pots for plants & cheerio bird feeders. We made posters for advertising & thought carefully about how best to present our produce on our stall. And we made a profit! Hurrah

Year 5 and 6 had a visit from an author! Fantastic virtual session with Tom Palmer. Great questions from our children and a real privilege to talk to an actual author! A great experience for everyone; which we even shared with two other schools in our Trust.

Jubilee picnic in the sunshine!

Eco-club wrote persuasive letters to our SBM, Miss Weaver, to convince her to change our refuse collectors as they’re not #recycling what we thought. We also included points to consider when choosing a new company. We hand delivered them & now await a response!

Fabulous afternoon for our Invasion quiz! Absolutely blown away by the amount of facts, vocabulary and knowledge retained by the children. Well done to all the Y3/4 children.

Totally blown away by the dedication of Eco Club @SpilsbyPrimary to the environment. Our very own Miss Weaver in a Q & A session about how we can ensure we recycle as much as we can at school by changing refuse collectors. Probing & intelligent questions from our Eco warriors ♻️

Brilliant second engagement with the Y6 Mini Police team. Time for pupils to feedback their knowledge & learning post our positively different lesson all around protected characteristics, hate crime & consequences.

Year 5 children learning about diversity in their second mini police session. They discussed gender roles, why it’s right to challenge & how it’s important to follow our dreams regardless of the society views. They then made posters made for our school community 💗

➡️ Diversity, gender roles, stereotypes & prejudice for Yr 5 today ➡️ Protected Characteristics & Hate Crime for Yr 6 as they have recently trialed Diversity. Amazing peer led comments & challenges brought about from all.

Great workshop today with Ali Aerosol, live from his studio in Birmingham! Y5/6 pupils challenged to design their own billboards that will be shown as part of Spilsby Light Night on 26 March.

Year 5 & 6 had a zoom chat with professional graffiti street artist Mohammed Ali today, in preparation for their part in the forthcoming Spilsby Light Night.

Year 2 started their new unit of 'Being Healthy' and looked at what being healthy meant in general and then were given some different scenarios of where people were struggling to keep to healthy habits. They had to note down some suggestions of what the person in the scenario could do to remain healthy with a new habit.

The inaugural Infinity Academy (Spilsby Primary, Gipsey Bridge and Boston St Nicholas) end of project quiz was an absolute hit! All questions were an ideal opportunity to retrieve knowledge, apply understanding & demonstrate skills. A lovely community feel across our Infinity family too.

Year 1 explored successes and developed their understanding of what a success is. The children then drew on this knowledge to discuss their individual successes and achievements. The children where then even a success coin to draw their success/achievement, when all the children had drawn on their coins they got to share their success with the class and discuss how they achieved it and how they felt about achieving it.

Fantastic effort from the whole school for Odd Socks Day 2021. Really great to see all the uniqueness and discussing how #OneKindWord can make all the difference. What’s your ‘one kind word?’ #bekind

Year 2 continued working through their unit of feelings and how these can be managed when experienced by people. This afternoon, they learnt about big feelings and discovered that every feeling can become a big feeling if nothing is done to help with it. They then discussed ways of helping people to deal with negative feelings to stop them becoming too big to manage.

This afternoon in PSHE, Year 2 looked at what foods can help them to stay healthy. They discussed what food groups there are and went into detail about the 5-a-day fruit and veg initiative. Then, they sorted some different food items onto plates to explain which ones they should have lots of in their diet and which ones they should not.

Year 2 had to consider who helpful people were. They had to think about what person they would need for when they were in different situations for example, a firefighter when there was a fire, a doctor when they were poorly etc.

All the chldren looking 'super' this Red Nose Day, coming together to have fun and make a massive impact to the lives of people in the UK and worldwide.

Spilsby Primary looking very festive for Christmas Jumper Day and a lovely Christmas lunch #SaveTheChildren

Year 5 are looking at budgets this afternoon.

Year 4 have been talking about Anti- Bullying today in PSHE as part of Anti-Bullying week learning. We discussed what bullying is, how our words and actions affect others, and strategies we can use to help us, as well as who we can go to for help. Collectively, we decided that being kind is one of the most important things we can do.

Celebrating individuality and uniting against bullying for this years ‘Odd Sock Day’

What a fab effort in supporting Children in Need!

Starting Friday off the right way in Year 3, by spreading kindness!

Lots of great discussion in Year 4 about Remembrance Day. So lovely to see Father Peter from St James' Church, Spilsby for his online collective worship too.

In PSHE year 2 looked at debating and had to work together to create arguments in response to the big question!

Year 1 learning how to care for their local environment. The children have been using their knowledge about some of the ways people can look after the local environment, by collecting and recycling leaf litter and other rubbish found on our school grounds.

In PSHE, Year 2 looked at conflict and compromise to help them deal with arguments with friends and family.

Year 2 discussed what it means to be a ‘Good Friend’ in PSHE this afternoon. They created a list of ideas and then made posters to show these.

Y6 completed a substance misuse workshop today sharing good knowledge and giving mature responses.

Fantastic effort from our whole school community in helping to raise over £100 for Sport Relief by taking part in a ‘dance-a-thon’

Reception C enjoyed their fruit tasting activity this afternoon. We tried pineapple, mango, kiwi, blueberries, avocado and melon. We spoke about how fruit keeps us healthy and discussed what other things we could do to stay healthy!

Reception B received some healthy fruit from Captain America Bear to help us keep strong and healthy. We washed our hands well before we started our Zen Den Taste Test. We used mindfulness techniques to use our senses to taste the fruit. We really took our time to explore all the different fruits and then decided which ones we liked best.

Thank you to everyone who supported Year 5's fundraiser this afternoon. We have raised a fabulous £141 to go towards exciting educational activities for our children. We're very proud of our class for running this enterprise activity and taking responsibility for the activities themselves. Huge thanks to Alli Louth at Alli's Cake Wonderland for donating the amazing cake for the raffle too.

Year 6 have been researching the adverse effects of smoking on the human body. This helped their understanding by discussing habits, choice and support in their PSHE lesson.

Year 6 have been maturely discussing the use of mobile phones, the effect on their well being and how to keep it and themselves safe in PSHE this afternoon .

Year 3 looked at Road Safety in PSHE this afternoon and had to decide whether different pictures showed a safe or unsafe crossing!

Reception B making up their own dragon dance to link to the story of Nian the dragon for Chinese New year.

Reception carried on Chinese New Year fun with some food tasting! The children tried noodles, prawn crackers, lychee, sweet and sour sauce and hoisin sauce. All of the children joined in and gave their verdicts by thumbs up or down.

After learning about Chinese New Year, Reception C have been creating a dragon dance to join in with the traditional celebrations!

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Year 6 continued with their PSHE lessons today, looking at how life events, changes and challenges could affect their mental health. They discussed and recorded what could help in each situation.

Year 6 have been discussing the importance of mental health in their PSHE lesson today and sharing their views on what they do already in school to aid this.

This afternoon in PSHE, Year 3 looked at personal hygiene. They looked at the simple ways they could reduce the spread of harmful germs and at how to wash different areas of their body properly!

Some of our children looking totally awesome today for Christmas Jumper Day 2019 in support of Save the Children.

Year 6 have been working hard this term and collecting themselves tickets for the snatch raffle. These were given out for good behaviour, kindness to others and outstanding work. The prizes were swapped every time a new name was read off the ticket until all tickets were read out.

Wow! Awesome afternoon in Y5 discussing the General Election. We looked at 5 manifestos and discussed their content. Super proud of their maturity and respect for each other’s opinions! After in depth discussions and explanations about the 5 parties’ ‘promises’ we had a vote. When they were counted, these were the results!

The kindness elves came to Reception to deliver our bananas with special kindness missions on each of them! Each banana had a kind note on them to give the children a positive boost ready for playtime #randomactsofkindness

This afternoon in PSHE, Year 3 looked at risks, hazards and dangers! They had to assess the potential risks in different situations and talked about how they should deal with situations which pose a danger, risk or hazard!

In PSHE year 5 have made their own advent calendar, with each day showing an act of kindness they can show to someone throughout the build up to The Big Day! We also discussed how ‘giving’ doesn’t have to involve money and being shown kindness can often mean more to people than a gift of monetary value.!

Reception were visited by the Kindness Elves this morning! They spread kindness all over the world through their kindness options. They have given us our first mission... To give our grown ups at home a big hug and tell them that we love them. ♥️

Year 3 looked at grief and loss in PSHE this afternoon, they discussed the different emotions that this could bring as well as generating some ideas for how to deal with the situations.

In PSHE this afternoon, Year 3 looked at transitions and how different transitions made them feel. They then considered how they could prepare themselves for transitions in the future.

Brilliant Mini Police session today with all year 5 and 6 pupils talking about #girl #boy #genderrules & #stereotypes Where do they come from? & How can we challenge what others may say about set stereotypes

Year 5 spent some time looking at letters from the home front in PSHE this afternoon. They had to consider how the soldiers would have felt writing them and the difficulties they would have faced sending and receiving letters.

A great PSHE lesson with Year 3 this afternoon as they looked at feelings and emotions. They started by considering how it made them feel on the inside and then explained how it made them look on the outside.

Some great #oddsocks across our whole school to spread awareness for #antibullyingweek #oddsockday. We also watched an anti-bullying cartoon and discussed the importance of being kind and celebrating our differences.

Very poignant 2 minute silence at the Franklin statue this morning with the Spilsby British Legion. Impeccably observed by our year 5 and 6 children who then went and visited the cemetery to lay wreaths and crosses on the war graves.

Year 3 looked at 'Achievements' in their PSHE lesson. They considered how they felt when they achieved something, especially when it was a difficult challenge to overcome.

On Remembrance Day, lest we forget. Stunning artwork from our whole school. ”At the going down of the sun & in the morning, we will remember them” For the fallen 💗

For our Bonfire Night assembly, we learnt more about the values of Democracy and the Rule of Law. The children were asked to think of what Democracy is and how we follow it at Spilsby Primary.

Year 3 looked at how to be ‘Media Wise’ in PSHE this afternoon. They considered how the media influences our thoughts, feelings and behaviours as well as whether it can be harmful or helpful.

As part of PSHE, Year 1 and 2 have been looking at maintaining hygiene. Before half term they out a piece of bread into a wallet with washes hands and then a piece into a wallet that had been touched with dirty hands and this is the result. This has helped them understand the importance of keeping hands clean, especially at this time of hear when there are lots of germs about!

Last week Year 1 and 2 enjoyed a PSHE lesson on dental health. We talked about how to look after our teeth, the importance of it and how we should regularly go to the dentist even if we find it a bit scary. They had a turn at brushing the big set of teeth properly and even took home a toothbrush and toothpaste of their own. Thankyou Colgate!

Y1 and 2 learnt about Road Safety this week. They leant the importance of holding hands when crossing the road, using traffic lights and watching out for cars.

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Y2 loved joining in with 'International Dot Day'. They were simply given a dot and had to make it into something,. A true display of creativity and everyone being good at something!

A brilliant day for the 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' for Macmillan Cancer. Thanks to all our parents, carers and children for their donations- £88 raised for this amazing charity.

Reception on a litter hunt in Spilsby using our newly acquired litter pickers. One of the chose activities from '30 Days Wild'!

Lovely photos of some of our pupils who visited Eresby Hall this week to have tea, sing and chat to the residents who stay there. I have it on good authority they refused to leave till they had sang to all.

Reception received a big delivery today! It was a box full of reusable cups for milk and a delivery of reusable and recyclable milk bottles. The children also received a letter from Cool Milk saying what a difference we are making to the environment.

A massive well done to Olli- our Rotary Star for the spring term. Olli wanted to do something for the community so he used his own pocket money to buy food for the Spilsby community larder. He even designed a poster to advertise it!

Amazing work by our years 5 and 6 children to launch our 'Cakes for a Cause'. The children are selling cakes ro raise money for our visit from Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn on April 4th. A true enterprise scheme!

Reception have been visited by Kindness Elves over the last two weeks and have completed lots of kindness missions with Pop & Sparkle. We especially loved helping our community by collecting food & donating it to our local food bank

The cake sale went brilliantly! Hts off to Ben, Jack and Toby who have organised, baked and ran the sale to raise money to charity. £75 raised in total.

Dropping our 'Reverse Advent Calendar' donations off at the New Life Centre. Thank you to everyone for their generous donations for those less fortunate,

Following another successful Rotary Christmas Cracker Day, our school winners received a £5 prize! Well done to everyone for taking part.

Y3 were lucky to learn all about Chinese culture and history from our Chinese language assistant. They also learnt how to say 'Hello'.