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Daily Challenge: Tidy your bedroom ready for the week.


8:45 – 9:15 – TTRS


9:15 – 10:15 – Maths - Fractions

10:30 – 11 – Reading

11 – 12 - English

Look at the Haiku example. What are the features of a Haiku? What can you remember about the lines and syllables?


Today, you need to collect words and phrases that you can use in your Haiku. Have a look at the pictures and choose 3 polar animals that you would like to write about. Then think of words and phrases to describe those animals. You need to include


Adjectives – describing words - beautiful

Similes – something is similar to something else – as blue as the sky, eyes glistening like glitter

Metaphors – something is something else – the snow IS a white blanket

Onomatopoeia – words that sound like what they are – Bang, Crash, Drip

Alliteration – words that start with the same sound – shining, shimmering snow

Personification  - giving an object a human quality – the table stood waiting to be used.





Handwriting – pages 18 and 19.


History – Read the information about Ernest Shackleton. Then summarise each paragraph to pick out the main points. You should write one or two sentences per paragraph. Then write one more sentence about what you think.